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Lucas Shaffer October 5, 2010

@foursquare And Your Business: 5 Things You Should Know

It's no doubt by now you have heard of this popular mobile application.  It's...

Lucas Shaffer September 26, 2010

*LIVE* Locos Grill and Pub Columbus, Ga 8-11pm

We had a blast last night.  We hope to see everyone out for the...

Lucas Shaffer September 4, 2010

Social Media And The Future

I was recently asked during a presentation about my thoughts on the future of...

Lucas Shaffer September 3, 2010

Social Strategy in Business - Understanding Is The First Step

It is obvious there is interest in finding new friends and connections using the...

Lucas Shaffer July 26, 2010

@Foursquare Event *LIVE* at Locos Grill and Pub

Swag! Good times! 33 and more.... 26 and counting! Foursquare fans! Free wings!   Bring...

Lucas Shaffer July 10, 2010

The Locos Event - Diary of a @Foursquare Flash Mob

Columbus Georgia doesn't foursquare as much as other cities.  Well, that's about to change....

Lucas Shaffer July 8, 2010

Help Support @ColumbusState, @Aflac and @MatterOfTrust : Donate Nylons and other materials by July 9th

I received this email today from Columbus State in Columbus, Ga and decided it...

Lucas Shaffer June 28, 2010

Sharing: A Facebook Tip For You

If you are like us, you want to give opportunity to every fan to...

Lucas Shaffer June 25, 2010

Your Blog Is Your Business: How To Begin

One of the hardest ideas to integrate into your business is a blog.  You...

Lucas Shaffer June 20, 2010

Family: The Most Important Social Connection

I will keep this post brief, since it is Father's Day, and I have...

Lucas Shaffer June 20, 2010
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