New Social Media Features that Were Triggered by the Pandemic

In the last decade, social media has become more prevalent in our lives. But, during the past year, it has become even more important for us to communicate and utilize new social media features that make staying home during the pandemic easier. Social media giants have stepped up their game to provide easier ways to talk, shop, and meet online. 

Is Meeting In-Person A Thing of the Past?

It seems as though in-person meetings are no longer the norm. The shift from in-person meetings to online meetings has forced social media conglomerates to have more options, and easier options, to meet with friends, family, and coworkers. Facebook notably has made some changes. Facebook had recently rid of the Live With feature in November 2019. Of course, when the pandemic struck they decided to add the feature back, to give online users easy access to communicate or promote products. 

Facebook also added the new feature, rooms, similar to that of Zoom. There is no time limit in Facebook’s rooms feature, each room holds 50 people via video chat, even non-Facebook users can use the feature by clicking on a shared link. 

Shopping Made Easier Within Social Media Apps

Not only has Facebook made some changes, but Facebook-owned Instagram has also added some new features as well. Using its aesthetic appeal they have added a feature for shopping within the app. You were able to sell products within the app but had to leave Instagram to make the purchase. With the new checkout feature, users are able to make in-app purchases, making the process smoother for both sellers and buyers. Instagram also has the option for Instagram Live Shopping events as well as the Instagram Shop within the app. 

The pandemic has led Facebook, to add a Facebook Shop option for users. This is a different option than the Marketplace, where items are sold individual to individual. Facebook and Instagram want to make each shop their own so the experience is different for both. This new feature is free for all businesses. Each business can make their shop with their business in mind by adding a cover photo and different accent colors for the feel of their brand. You can browse all of the products within the shop on Facebook, and if you need help you can use the messaging feature WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram to connect directly with the buyer. You can reach the shop through Facebook, Instagram, Stories, or Ads.

TikTok Inspires New Entertainment Within Apps

Staying home all of the time is not easy! People turned to the internet for a lot of their entertainment during the pandemic this year. TikTok was there to provide it! The number of people viewing TikTok doubled in April when most of us were in quarantine. TikTok is an app where you make short videos and put music with it, then share it with friends. With TikTok winning the entertainment game, other apps sought to make similar features.

Snapchat has a partnership with the Warner Music group, that was established pre-COVID. With this feature, there is a playlist of songs that are available for use on snaps. Other social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram have tried their hand at creating their own TikTok likeness. Instagram has a feature called Reels where like TikTok you can create a short video and put music with it. This Instagram feature has been tested in the U.S. and didn’t get results, leading to quick updates. YouTube has created YouTube shorts, creating short videos, with this feature you can put multiple videos together, making it different than the others. 

The pandemic boosted options on social media platforms around the globe. Let Stand And Stretch help you build your business’ social media presence. Contact Stand And Stretch today.

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