How Small Business Can Connect to Consumers Through Social Media Platforms

Stand And Stretch talks about how to grow small businesses through digital advertising

Social media lets you connect with consumers on a fun, more personal level. Using video, asking for feedback and quick response time all let the consumer see the people behind the scenes and into how your small business works. This personalization of your business can build meaningful connections and brand loyalty.

There are approximately 4.7 billion internet users worldwide, which includes 332 million in the United States alone. In addition, about 7 in 10 Americans use social media. But what do these numbers mean for your business? How can your business connect with consumers through social media?

Finding a way to connect with consumers as they spend time online can allow your business to thrive. More importantly, to connect with this massive number of online users. 

How can my Small Business Connect via Social Media?

Your small business can better relate to consumers online by giving them something that hits close to home. Have some fun! Show them some behind-the-scenes action and let others see what makes your business unique at what you do. This can be done with still photos of work in progress, product in the making, or employees making things happen. This puts a personal twist on your business and lets people feel connected.

Next, consider asking for audience feedback. This can take place in several different ways and gives you a chance to hear what is on the customers’ minds. Creating a poll can be a great way to engage followers. A poll can incorporate humor or be used to inform the audience about a little known fact about your business. Polls should be simple and concise to ensure the reader does not just scroll through. Simply asking consumers opinions also engages the customer. 

Another idea is to use video or going live. These are two extremely visual and timely ways to express information about your business that cannot be expressed in a still photo. How-to videos, informative videos, and short humorous clips can help you relate to the consumer on a more personal level. Video allows customers and potential customers alike see the personalities that work within the brand and establish a more personal connection.

Finally, respond to customers immediately. Social media gives the small business owner the opportunity to celebrate accolades or address product or customer service concerns, almost instantly. Due to the instant nature of social media, this gives you, the small business owner, the opportunity to solve issues quickly and sometimes in the public eye, which can build trust. 

Consumers Expect Brands On Social Media

Internet users worldwide spend about 144 minutes per day on social media sites. Using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter increase the exposure your business can help you capture this screen time. Social media marketing is not just for connecting with friends, it is a platform to evoke emotion and let your business personality shine.

An active social media presence is essential in marketing your small businesses. Connecting with consumers in an immediate and personal way is something that can be gained in the real-time world of social media. 

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