The Rise Of The Digital Marketing Degree

digital marketing degree

From home phones to flip phones to iPhones, technology has made leaps and bounds within the past 30 years. Now that the internet is accessible at all points in time, the term marketing has a whole new meaning as more and more companies turn to the internet to jumpstart their business. 

Whether businesses are trying to target on a local or national level, digital marketing is the first place to start.

Is a Digital Marketing Degree Worth It?

Short answer? Yes. However, time in the business and a digital background or internship is also highly recommended. Many brands are continuing to put more money into a digital marketing budget due to the shifting trends from storefront to e-commerce. Meaning, jobs in the digital marketing field are booming and will continue to do so as long as the internet is around. 

Right now, it looks like 44% of companies are looking to hire more marketing professionals for their business. With these statistics, you are likely to find a job in the digital marketing field. Companies not only want digital marketers; they genuinely need them to make their business thrive.

Digital marketers are in such high demand that often you can be selective about which company you see the potential in for your future. Because this career is in such a high request with a shortage of skilled professionals, salary negotiations are readily available. They may even allow you to make more than the average business professional (with the right background and skillset).

Becoming a Digital Marketing Expert

Digital Marketing is an everchanging career path with many different skills and specializations that you can tack on to your original route. For example, if you start in Social Media Marketing, it won’t be hard to increase your skillset to Website Development. These skillsets can continuously be improved and honed in as your career progresses. 

Working as a digital marketer may seem like a tedious desk job, but in reality, your working with a wide range of people and businesses day in and day out. You are further enhancing your people skills and ability to communicate thoroughly! Finally, earning a digital marketing degree allows you to get creative in your job field. Sifting through statistics to see which advertising methods work and getting creative behind the scenes of a beautifully ran business. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your work succeed!

Why Wait? Grab Your Digital Marketing Degree!

Digital Marketing is an everchanging career, with the ability to work your way up in a job field that needs marketers. Salaries are shooting through the roof, it’s not hard to increase your skillset, and you can even get creative during the job! As long as the internet is in our hands, digital marketing is here to stay.

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