One Year of Reels – How They’ve Changed Instagram

Just over a year ago, Instagram introduced us to Reels – their version of auto-play videos. Reels are 15-second video clips that can be edited with additional features. Thanks to Reels, Insta users can now add audio to videos, including access to the music library, add filters and AR effects, manipulate video speed, and more.

If you’re thinking these features sound extremely Tik-Tok-esque, you’re right. The move was likely made to rival growing social media platform, Tik Tok. For marketing brands, the move was win-win. Users could either share their Tik-Tok videos on the Instagram platform or create similar styles of marketing content within Instagram itself. 

This allows brands to stay up on trends in digital marketing, while showing their creative side along the way.

Video styles and abilities may have also been borrowed from Snapchat. The juxtaposition shows where Instagram didn’t necessarily do a full rip-off, but took various aspects and put them together in their own social platform.

What Have Reels Provided the Digital Marketing Community?

To date, Reels have been praised in that they are easy to access and navigate, even among various topics. And the videos are also easily made and edited by users. Marketers and hobby Instagram users alike have left positive reviews about Reels and their ease of use.

Professionals have also said Instagram did a good job of pulling their own elements, without completely ripping off other social platforms. All while making Reels easily accessible by users. (Compared to Facebook’s attempt at similar video styles, which failed miserably with less than 600,000 downloads. In Facebook talk, that’s a number that’s dismal.)

Meanwhile, Instagram has made Reels available to existing users, without hiding access to previous features.

How to Use Reels in Your Digital Marketing

If you’re ready to take on video marketing for your small business, Reels may be a good place to start. You can easily record and edit videos and add features without previous video knowledge or experience. You can also upload to your existing brand account to further engage your list of followers. No need to send them to a second online location, just leads you can work in your favor.

And because the videos are meant to engage your audience through your creativity and having fun, you get to show off the lesser-seen areas of your business. (Think office jokes, behind-the-scenes moments, how-to videos, etc.) Don’t be afraid to have a good time with it – your audience will appreciate a fresh take.

The Biggest Take-Aways?

A year with Reels has made Instagram a more accessible platform for video sharing, video editing, and video marketing. It’s taught marketers of all skill levels new tricks, and it has allowed followers to find and view more content … all without downloading a new app or signing up for an additional follow.

To learn more about improving (or expanding) your brand’s digital marketing efforts, including the use of Reels for your small business Instagram marketing, check out our previous blogs.

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  1. Great work. Reels have changed the complete marketing strategy on Instagram, your article explains why businesses should focus more focus more on reels as there are more engaging in this article. Thanks for sharing this superb article

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