Top 5 Most Important Website Stats in 2022

top 5 important website stats - organic search tracking

Stand And Stretch’s Top Digital Tracking Metrics 

So you have a website, but how successful is it? Are you able to see how many users you’re drawing to the site using organic search tracking? Are you effectively utilizing your website data to boost your conversion rate? What the heck is a conversion rate? Today, let’s take a look at the top 5 most important website stats in 2022. 

What is “conversion rate”?

Conversion rate refers to how many of your website’s visitors end up using your services or buying your goods. There are many tools to help you understand how users behave on your website. What content is engaging? What is a user’s behavior flow, meaning how do they navigate the site? How long do they spend on your website? It can be important to have a team of marketing professionals well versed in these tools to manage those elements for you. Hiring a team of experts to focus on helping your website grow is essential so you can focus on the business of your business!

How do you increase your conversion rate by tracking behavior flow?

Analytics tools like Hotjar can help marketing professionals track the behavior flow of users. The tool actually tracks users’ cursor movements and records how long they may linger in a certain section of the site. It can show where users tend to navigate in what order to help track user behavior. You can even see recordings of specific users’ journeys through your website. Why? This can help you identify design problems or new opportunities to capture user attention. And Hotjar is just one of the tools marketing pros use to analyze behavior flow. Your digital marketing team uses this data to evaluate where written copy needs to be more engaging and which calls to action are successful. Then they can analyze that data to plan how to shift the UX (user experience) design of your website to further engagement with users. 

What is organic SEO traffic? Why is it important and how can it be improved? How about organic search tracking?

Organic SEO refers to the search engine optimization done to increase your site’s visibility on search engines like Google. The term “organic” refers to users finding your website on their own via a search. Being referred to the site using other tools like Google Ads or finding the site from another platform/website is called SEM, or search engine marketing. Marketing pros use organic search tracking through Google Analytics and other software programs to measure all kinds of website data. They can track how many users visiting the site find it on their own and when they visit the site. Digital marketers can also track how long users tend to linger, and what regions they are visiting from. This data is crucial when learning how to target the audiences your website is drawing. Smart use of these tools can also help boost that conversion rate we talked about earlier!

How to capitalize on your website’s top content stats?

How can you learn what sections of your website are most effective in engaging users? First, you analyze the website data to know your website’s top content stats. Then it’s easy to analyze the data to know what sections are successful and what sections are not. From there, web developers can change the UX design of the website, removing or retooling ineffective sections to further improve how long users spend on the site. Eventually, by utilizing organic search tracking, you’ll start to see a shift in how many users are looking for the site. Eventually, you’ll see your conversion rate increase, meaning your business is growing!

What can you learn by analyzing organic search tracking and website data to find out how long users spend on your site?

One of the fastest metrics to track when analyzing website data is how long people spend on your site. This is crucial information because you can tell if your website is effectively engaging users or if users are leaving the site quickly. Using organic search tracking to find out if your website is visible is only one piece of the puzzle. You also need to see what sections of the website turn people away. If most users are leaving the site after a few seconds, or navigating away when they get to a certain area of the website, you know you have a problem. With analytics, digital marketing pros can tell you how to begin addressing the issue.


Tackle Your Website’s SEO and Digital Marketing Using Organic Search Tracking and More!

Ultimately, a website is a tool to reach customers. An effective website will explain what is unique about your business, why they should buy your goods or services, and help them easily do so. It will engage users, allow them to move efficiently through the site, and ultimately convert them into paying customers. Marketing pros can utilize organic search tracking to see if people are finding the site and utilize other website data to track how users are interacting with the site. Hiring a team of digital marketing professionals to analyze your website data is a great way to help your website perform to its best potential. 

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