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Get Your Business Found on Google


Take your business to the next level.

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The choice is yours. Reach higher with Stand And Stretch.

We offer a no-contract, month-to-month, opportunity to work with the experts in an ever-growing field to help your business get off the ground and stand up in a competitive marketplace. 




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Why Choose Stand and Stretch?

No contracts.

We’re confident you’ll love our services, so we don’t lock you in to a restrictive contract or service agreement.

Proven experience.

We’re been doing this for awhile. We’ve taken many websites to the next level, and we can do the same for yours.

Custom configurations.

Build your own package of services to meet your unique needs, and save while you do it.

SEO Management

It’s simple… Get better visibility on Google.com. That’s it.

We focus on website optimization and how Google views your coding and content from a developer’s perspective.




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Google Ads Management

marci digital project manager
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Help customers find your website.

If you can’t compete in local organic search results, we offer Google Ads to help get traffic from Google.com to your website. We buy keywords that your customers would be searching for that you don’t already show up well for. 

We have been Google Partners since 2014. The Google Partnership is awarded to companies with expert-level Google Ads product knowledge. Partners receive training, support, and insights that keep their skills sharp and help you drive campaign success.


Facebook Ads Management

Drive conversions with Facebook.

Using Facebook and Instagram advertising can drive clicks to your website to help sell a product or service. 


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Retargeting Ad Management

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Find people who are already engaging with you.

When someone visits the site, we will tag them and show them advertising on websites like weather.com, social media like Instagram and Facebook, and also on mobile apps across Apple and Android.

85% of the banner ads online are retargeted from a previous experience or website you visited. We simply track your website visitors and ONLY show those people your ads.


Social Media Management

Reach your customers on social media.

We can help support campaigns by posting to social media throughout the month to help support the above services.

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The Bottom Line

No contracts.

There are no contracts and it’s useful to know the time can be liquid and change focus on a 30-day notice. Each service is rated by how much billable time is spent each month. This means as we work throughout a year, a service may require more than the minimum amount of time and we can move hours around to make it work without reconfiguring a contract.

Custom configurations.

You can configure the hours based on the minimums. As you combine services, we can start to decrease the hourly rate and reduce cost. You may also go above the 4-hour minimums.



Getting started.

I recommend pushing forward immediately with SEO Management and Google Ads Management. That way we can start ramping up your website with the right keywords. Taking on 2 or more at the same time allows us to discount the hourly rate. Two services would be rated at $900 a month with the Google Ads media spend starting at about $150/mo.

Once we start seeing the right traffic, we can add Retargeting Management. I recommend a re-evaluation every 90 days to report back what is working and what is not to focus management spend on the most effective outcomes and success criteria.


Help us help you.

Unsure where to start? Call us at (706) 225-9235.

Give us a call and we’ll help you design the perfect blend of digital marketing services to grow your business. Oh, and the coffee’s on us.

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