Tech Brands Changing Their Platform to Fill Pandemic Needs

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With the world in a pandemic, tech brands are now taking it upon themselves to change their platform in order to fill the needs that the pandemic is causing. Major tech companies are taking big steps in order to alleviate some of the demands in hospitals, homes, and workplaces. These tech companies are setting the example of how we should all be reacting to this worldwide crisis.

Cisco Provides Crucial Tech Resources

Cisco announced that they have created two innovative ways for healthcare organizations to get resources for free. These programs include: “Pandemic Equipment Brokerage” and “Healthcare Rapid Response Network Bundle”.

The program “Pandemic Equipment Brokerage” is being used to match companies that have extra wireless equipment to healthcare providers that are in need of this technology. Cisco said, “If you have the equipment you’d like to donate to healthcare institutions, you can fill out a Donor form to tell us what you can contribute, Healthcare organizations that need equipment can fill out the Request form to indicate what they need”. Cisco will work to connect organizations together that can help each other out!

The Healthcare Rapid Response Network Bundle is available to bring companies together that can support clinics that are fighting the pandemic. Cisco says these rapid response bundles are “to support pop-up clinics and rapid response healthcare systems across the globe. We are making simple kits – a router with LTE uplink, a switch with Power-over-Ethernet capability, and up to 5 wireless access points” – available for quick shipment at no cost to qualifying healthcare institutions.

Instagram Launches COVID-19 Tracker

Instagram founders have begun a LIVE COVID-19 Tracker. This software is meant to track the spread of the virus state by state. The tracker is based on an “Rt” value. If the “Rt” value in any given state is below 1.0 the virus is slowing down in that area. If the “Rt” value is above 1.0 it is going up. 

This live tracker is meant to encourage citizens to continue to stay at home and social distance. When people take this seriously, outcomes will be shown in a numerical form. 

Gazelle to Donate iPads 

Gazelle the online retailer, is helping the fight of COVID-19 on the front lines. This company is DONATING iPads to healthcare workers. This fight against the virus began in late March and they’ve donated 300 iPads since. Gazelle has come out and said, “iPads are currently unavailable. During this difficult time, we are donating iPads from our inventory to hospitals across the country to help patients communicate with loved ones, aid with telemedicine, and provide better communication between patients and health workers.”

Tech Brands Coming Together

These are just a few of the big tech brands that are taking steps to alleviate the stress of the pandemic destruction. 

Stand And Stretch is also helping to relieve a bit of the pressure this pandemic has put on. Our company is working to have our clients back by continuing our work, however, just adjusting to the companies needs! We are working hard to keep our client’s digital services active and in tune!

Join the fight against COVID-19!

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