3 Ways We Know Google Updated Their Algorithm

With 4.57 Billion users on the internet each day, it is safe to say that Google is constantly updating its algorithms. Stand And Stretch employees SEO experts that stay on top of the newest Google algorithm updates ensuring all of our customers that we will monitor their search traffic and other analytics to make changes to help their website and services rise to the top!

Here are a few Google Algorithm updates that Stand And Stretch have monitored over the last few months.

SERPs Update to Google Pages

SERPs or search engine results pages are Google’s response to a user’s search! Directly following the bug in Google’s caffeine algorithm it appears that Google has made some serious efforts to update their algorithm. When Google updates its algorithm, it makes search results smoothers and SEO experts must make adjustments. Sometimes Google will announce their algorithm updates and sometimes we have to watch our data and look for the clues to have an idea of when an algorithm is changed and what actions we need to take to keep our client’s websites on top of their competitors.

Stand And Stretch Experiences With Algorithm Updates

The main reason for Google’s algorithm update is so that the sites with the highest quality of content continue to rise to the top. Google wants a customer to have the best experience with their searches. Sites with the high-quality content rise to the top because of several factors such as keyword density, updating content on a regular basis, and metadata. We have seen this in several Stand And Stretch clients. Below we can see the stats from the month of November, (position tracking decreasing) and we can see the stats from December (position tracking increasing). The cause of this position tracking inclination could definitely be caused by the Google algorithm change. 

For some websites, this algorithm change did not work in their favor. This is due to the fact that they were ranking higher above websites that had stronger content than them. Stand And Stretch suggest hiring our SEO services to get this straightened out! We employ SEO experts that follow Google algorithm changes. If your site is having ranking issues, it’s time for some new content! Revamping the content on your website can make a drastic change in your organic search results and customer satisfaction. With everything being digital in this day and age, it is very important to have an interactive, easy-to-navigate website!

Featured Snippets Won’t Be Shown Twice

Danny Sullivan confirmed the fact that featured snippets will no longer be shown twice on the search results page. He informs us that this will help declutters results and allow searchers to find relevant information more quickly and easily!

A featured snippet is the snippet of the website that has the most relevant information that the searcher was looking for. Before this algorithm update, this featured snippet would have appeared twice on the search results page. Now, it will only appear once to streamline information to the searcher.


Algorithm Updates and Digital Marketing

As a digital marketing agency, Stand And Stretch ensure all of our clients that we will stay up to date on the algorithm updates. We do this because SEO is an ever-changing, dynamic, service to offer. Not just anyone off of the street could make your website rise to the top. 

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