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How Stand And Stretch Has Weathered the Pandemic

Bethaney Phillips - July 28, 2020 - 0 comments

Phew – what a year, right? To say that the coronavirus was an expected blow to the economy is an understatement …. a HUGE one. Small and large businesses alike have been hit with an anvil. Think cartoon style — and we’re still waiting for those squiggly lines that indicate shock and pain to disappear. The Bugs Bunny sound effects are still in full effect and we’re seemingly frozen in mid-air.

At some point, things will go back to normal – we think? Or there will be a new form of normal that settles, somehow finding trust and ease among the American public. Until then, we wait, and we make the best out of the circumstances at hand.

Through all of this, we’re with you 100%.

How Stand And Stretch Became Remote

Due to the nature of Stand And Stretch, we’ve been thankfully resilient to changes from the pandemic. How? We are a team of local and remote freelancers. We are part-time workers and experts with full-time gigs, who just happen to work from home. We were doing it before it was cool!

This move wasn’t made because we’re some type of fortune-tellers, though. In 2015 we went through a storm of our own. Near bankruptcy and a max exodus of clients; the businesses was put on the brink of nonexistence; it put us into survival mode. It forced us to find a way to make the business work – lean and adaptable to any situation.

Pride swallowed and trudging forward. 

We began working remotely. We hired freelancers – experts in their field and trainable employees looking to piggyback on their full-time gig or a school training. We worked efficiently, using helpful software and made wasted time nonexistent. 

We trimmed the fat and found new ways to create client success. Over and over and over again, we kept what worked and tossed the rest.

This platform was founded with incredibly high stakes and levels of stress, but eventually, it worked! We found our way — a better way to serve our clients. 

Riding the Storm as a Remote Digital Marketing Company in Columbus, GA

Going through this process and honing it over the years made us especially ready for the pandemic. Proudly, this allowed us to continue business as usual for our customers.

But with personal experiences in a sudden and massive hit, we knew our customers had been hurt. We checked in. We offered pauses to services to allow them to reallocate funds, or avoid spending money pushing services that weren’t currently available. (Have we bragged to you lately about our no contracts policy?!)

It’s never our goal to bully or prod. We genuinely want to do what’s right by our customers.  And through that process, we gained higher levels of their trust.

Growing Our Digital Marketing Business During the Pandemic

We saw client after client pause and put their services on hold. Our task lists got thin … we got bored!! Until finally, we made a unanimous decision to work anyway. With client permission, we continued work that improved website health, responsiveness, or search listings.

But what happened next was even more amazing: as industries re-opened, they came back. One by one, our customers jumpstarted their online efforts. With them they brought referrals. They signed up for new services. We’ve established relationships with new clients. We’re growing!

The pandemic, no doubt, has been a rough ride. But we’re proud to bring our customer-focused efforts to the table to help every company, of any size, find their best outcome in times of growth, and in times of change.

We thank you for allowing us to create this model, and for your support along the way.

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