Why a Bad Website is Turning Away Customers

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With 4.57 billion people using the internet each day, it is fair to say that having a clean, fresh, aesthetically pleasing site is your first impression on most of your potential customers. Having a well-designed website is next to having a pleasing storefront. There are several aspects to your website that could be turning away a potential customer such as; bad messaging, slow load time, and having no images of the business, owner, or the story of your business!

Messaging Is On Your Website Is Important

If you have a bad or outdated website, chances are you don’t have a way for your customers to connect with you directly from your website. This could potentially turn away customers simply because they don’t know how to get in touch with your business. Messaging is a great way for clients to contact you or a customer to ask a simple question! Either way, customers want to have quick access and fast responses. A simple messaging chat app will solve this problem and allow your customers to get in contact with you straight from your website!

Make Sure Your Website Has A Quick Load Speed

Having a slow load time on your website is the best way to turn customers away from your business. Those who use the internet expect instant results – 2 seconds to be exact. Statistics show if your website doesn’t load within 3 seconds 47% of customers will turn away from your site. On the flip side, if you have a quick load time on your website, customers will be more satisfied with your site, driving more customers towards your actual storefront! A web management service can help you improve your site load time.

Add Images To Your Website

More and more customers are interested in shopping local, following a business with a story, or getting to know the story behind a business! A website with no images of the business and the owner could potentially disengage someone who is viewing your site. However, if your website has images your site could potentially receive more traffic, engage additional customers, and bring your business to life! 

An about me page is a way for your potential customers to get to know your business more in-depth or products. Additionally, this is a great way to share photos of you and your business. Adding a small story about how your business can further engage your customers! This page can also help your site’s SEO performance by improving your keyword density, driving more traffic to your site!

Digital Marketing and Web Management Services In Columbus, Ga

With more and more people turning to the internet for answers, it’s important to have a well-designed, engaging website! After all, your website is your very first impression on most of your customers! Stand And Stretch based in Columbus, Ga can help you grow your website into a responsive, customer grabbing small-business site!

Contact Stand And Stretch today for your digital marketing and web management needs you may have!

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