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As the digital marketing realm moves away from the traditional use of third-party cookies, solutions for more relevant audience targeting are developing. Google, as in many other aspects, continues to be a leader in such solutions. Stand And Stretch is continuing to follow suit as a Google Partner. With privacy, browser, and regulation changes in internet usage continuing to adapt, so do your needs for audience targeting with your Google Ads. One such solution is Google’s Customer Match for which you’ll get the best success in partnering with a Digital Marketing Agency such as Stand And Stretch. So what is Google Customer Match and how can partnering with Stand And Stretch help your business succeed?  Here is a breakdown of what this new feature offers and the benefits it could potentially offer your next marketing campaign.

What is Google Ads Customer Match? 

Google Customer Match allows you to learn more about who your customers are and how you can address their needs as they’re interacting directly with your business both online and office. By using first-party data, you can utilize the unique insights you have about your customers to make your campaigns even more successful. Some of this information is even beyond Google’s understanding of your current customer base. Making it that much more beneficial to your campaigns across all Google Ad properties such as Search, Shopping, Display, Gmail, and YouTube. Adding first-party data you already have allows Google to assist in matching your campaigns with relevant customers by referencing and matching customers to the data you provide. This can allow you to develop existing customer relationships, build new relationships, or re-engage dormant customers across all of Google’s properties. 

Benefits of Customer Match

This is particularly beneficial when you’re utilizing any form of digital marketing, but especially Google Ads. You may already be familiar with the idea of “delivering the right message at the right time to the right person”; Google Customer Match goes a step further in helping businesses to reach the right people. By using Customer Match, you’re able to identify customers similar to your best customers, with similar habits and interests all by using the data your current customers already provided in a privacy-safe way. Either before or while uploading this data gets hashed, which is a form of cryptographic security, in a one-way hashing mechanism that is not unencrypted by Google. That may sound a little confusing, but it’s all to ensure that the data you provide from your customers is safe and secure. Google Customer Match is simply assisting in matching your customer profile with their habits and interests to help you reach the right people with the right message at the right time. 

We Are Your Google Partner 

Stand And Stretch can assist in getting you started and setting up Customer Match across all of your Google Ads campaigns. As a Google Partner, we’re dedicated to ensuring the success of your marketing efforts within Google Ad properties. We maintain a set optimization score required by Google and our account strategists maintain certification through Google. Our team will take care of properly uploading your data and deploying it to the right campaigns for the highest possible success. As simple as the process sounds, there are a lot of problems it’s possible you could run into without the knowledge our team has. Trying to figure it out on your own will take your valuable attention away from other important tasks you could be focusing on instead. Plus, as with any marketing effort, it is important to regularly refresh your Customer Match segments. To maintain a campaign’s health it’s best to refresh the Customer Match segments often and control how long customers are kept in a segment. This is where our account strategists can streamline the process and take away some of that stress from you. 

Choose Stand And Stretch For Your Google Ads Campaigns

The digital marketing we at Stand And Stretch do for small businesses is based on getting found on Google and increasing visibility for your products and services. We can make Google Customer Match useful in targeting your leads and customers granularly to reach the best audience for your campaigns.  To get started, check out Google Partnership Certification and Google Ad Management Services. Give us a call to discuss your possibilities of success with Stand And Stretch! We’ll help you design the perfect blend of digital marketing services to grow your business.
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