Tips for Approaching Your Market During the Pandemic

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As the world enters another month of the pandemic, businesses in all industries are left scrambling. Wondering how to approach their market, how to help customers in need, and most of all – how to provide something useful. 

It’s safe to say we’re all navigating uncharted territory, and as a business owner, you’re likely unsure of what your next moves should be.

You aren’t alone. Countless brands (in and outside of your industry) are grappling with the same choices. However, we can offer some insight. By watching what other companies have done – and tracked their data – the world has taken notice of what marketing practices are working during COVID-19, and what’s sending customers running.

Give your brand its best chance yet by keeping an open mind and catering to customers’ current needs.

Look for a Customer Need

What do your customers need from you? What services are missing? What tasks are they unable to book or hire out? Do some research and simply ask around. Coming up with new products or services won’t do anyone any good if there isn’t a market for your new gig. Find out what the people need, then find a way to fill said need.

This is the best way to create business security throughout the pandemic … no matter how long we’re left to deal with COVID-19.

Be Relatable to Your Consumers

Whether or not you’ve been hit hard by the pandemic (financially, in levels of stress, etc.), know that others have. Your approach to the public should be conversational and understanding. Show them you know they’re going through a hard time and remain sympathetic. This is a great way to offer empathy to all of your customers.

Share resources, offer deals or freebies (if and when you’re able), and show that your company is here to help the community as a whole. Yes, this will drum up some good PR. But it will also show customers you care and they can lean on you in a time of need.

Share Positivity

There’s more than enough bad news to go around, so put a dent in the chatter of doom and gloom with some positivity. Share funny jokes through social media, lift others up, paint windows or storefronts with messages that offer hope.

Even if you’re nervous about business (or any other number of factors), keep that tone to yourself and show others that you’re all in this together … with a good attitude!

Offer Resources

For those who can’t carry on like normal, be sure to offer a lending hand. Provide local resource links, and if your business has the means, consider giving back from your own resources. This can be in relation to your industry, or by helping out ongoing initiatives in the community. 

This can mean anything from sharing links to food banks or loan applications, to giving free delivery or discounts on goods, and more. 

If you’re ready to move forward with customer-friendly methods for advancement during the pandemic, we can help! Get in touch with us today to learn more. 

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