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Our team of marketing professionals loves sharing insights and experiences they’ve had while working in the digital marketing industry. We write on a myriad of topics, from addressing the latest in design trends or security news, to offering marketing insights and opinions to help you with your next digital marketing project. Keep up with the latest news and articles from Stand and Stretch here! 

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location assets, google ads

Navigating Location Asset Requirements in Google Ads

Navigating Location Asset Requirements in Google Ads: A Guide for Better Results As a small business, your presence in the digital landscape is pivotal. Google Ads can amplify this presence through location assets, a powerful feature that incorporates your business address, phone number, and essential operational details into your advertisements. However, with great power comes…

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elementor ai

Reach Higher With Elementor AI

Lately, AI has been generating chatter everywhere from corporate boardrooms and newsrooms to family dinner tables. At Stand And Stretch, we are big fans of innovation, and we are incorporating artificial intelligence into our workflow in several ways. One of the most exciting changes for us is the new built-in AI capabilities of Elementor, the…

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seo content, stand and stretch

AI: The New Way to Write SEO Content for Your Website?

Artificial Intelligence is trending for various reasons right now. While English teachers and professors are concerned about plagiarism and cheating issues, small business owners should be looking to implement some of the benefits of AI as well. As with any new technology, with great power comes great responsibility, and business owners, teachers, and students alike,…

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Universal Analytics to GA4 Explained

As you may have noticed Google has been brewing up some new changes in many of its platforms, especially in regard to its analytics tools since late 2020. While GA4 has been available for several years the big push to upgrade is coming this year. Universal Analytics (UA) will officially be moving over to the…

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How Your Domain Name Influences SEO

Website domains are one of those things that almost everyone interacts with daily, but may not understand very well. If you have a website for your business or are planning to develop one, you need to know the basics of how domains can influence your website performance. Let’s break down what a domain name is,…

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Web design in Columbus, GA

Are Hero Sliders a Thing of the Past?

Trends in Website Hero Design Sliders or carousels of scrolling images have enjoyed several years of popularity as website homepage staples. A few years ago, a substantial portion of websites used them in the all-important “hero” section at the top of the page. You may not be seeing sliders around as often these days, and…

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google ads assets explained by Stand And Stretch digital marketing agency in Columbus GA

Google Ads Assets 101

‘Assets’ is Google’s term for the individual elements that make up responsive search ads, and they are one of the most critical components in your ad strategy. Crafting the right individual elements and creating the right blend for your campaigns can set your paid search campaigns up for success in the competitive digital marketplace. As…

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conversion tracking

2023 Guide to Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Chances are you’ve heard the term “conversion” bandied about in recent years, and you might have wondered if conversion tracking is something that could benefit your business. Google has recently expanded conversion tracking capabilities for Google Ads clients, giving you access to more tools and more data. Stand And Stretch is implementing these new methods…

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google ads, google ads management

Customer Match: Learn More About This Google Ads Feature

As the digital marketing realm moves away from the traditional use of third-party cookies, solutions for more relevant audience targeting are developing. Google, as in many other aspects, continues to be a leader in such solutions. Stand And Stretch is continuing to follow suit as a Google Partner. With privacy, browser, and regulation changes in…

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Keys to Better Photography and Why It’s Crucial for Your Site

Keys to Better Photography So you’re ready to build a new website or give your current site a facelift? Great! There are many important factors to consider when embarking on a new project or a significant website revision. One often overlooked or underestimated element of any new web project is photography. Below, I’ll share some…

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top 5 important website stats - organic search tracking

Top 5 Most Important Website Stats in 2022

Stand And Stretch’s Top Digital Tracking Metrics  So you have a website, but how successful is it? Are you able to see how many users you’re drawing to the site using organic search tracking? Are you effectively utilizing your website data to boost your conversion rate? What the heck is a conversion rate? Today, let’s…

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analytic tools, google ad management columbus ga

Analytic Tools to Help You Understand Your Customers

What are our clients thinking? What are they clicking on? What are they feeling when they peruse our site? What problems are they facing? Are they using any analytic tools already? All of these questions and more can be answered by coupling two incredible third-party apps: Google Tag Manager and Hotjar. Together, these intuitive apps…

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The Theory of the 9’s

After 12 years, I’ve hired dozen-or-so full-timers and interviewed over 120 freelancers in the creative industry, and here is what I’ve learned. Behold, this is a part of the “secret” to hiring creatives in a post-pandemic digital age. The Rule of the Theory of the 9’s It’s simple. I measure creatives on a scale of…

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e-commerce for holiday shopping

What Cyber Monday Looks Like for e-Commerce in 2021

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means the holiday sales and shopping have begun. As we settle in and navigate our new normal in 2021, e-commerce and online shopping have become the more popular means to tick off everything on your gift list. According to studies by Adobe, a record-breaking total of $10.1 billion…

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Verification Badge

Verification On Facebook and Instagram: What Does It Mean?

Facebook has recently updated its verification application process. Here’s what it means for your business. The Verification Badge: More Than a Little Blue Check What does it mean to receive verification on Facebook and Instagram? When your social media page is verified, your page and posts will have a little blue checkmark next to your name…

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One Year of Reels – How They’ve Changed Instagram

Just over a year ago, Instagram introduced us to Reels – their version of auto-play videos. Reels are 15-second video clips that can be edited with additional features. Thanks to Reels, Insta users can now add audio to videos, including access to the music library, add filters and AR effects, manipulate video speed, and more.…

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seo trends

SEO Trends to Keep In Mind for the Rest of 2021

While everyone is starting to settle into what life may look like post-pandemic, many small businesses are still suffering from the lack of business and website traffic due to Covid-19. Staying up to date on SEO trends and digital advances is hard. So how can businesses gain traffic to their website and potentially increase sales…

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google tag manager

Benefits of Moving to Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is one of the latest releases by the SEO mogul itself, Google. It’s a rollout that has made the tag game easier, more efficient, and accessible to more business owners. No longer do you need to be able to edit code in order to update your G tags. Now, even laymen can…

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seo, small business

Why SEO is Important for Small Business Owners

If you’ve ever noticed the gray font below the search box during a Google search, then you’ve probably seen that with every Google search you do, there may be several billion results! In some manner, Google determined that every single one of those results somehow relates to what you searched. As a small business owner,…

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3 Ways We Know Google Updated Their Algorithm

With 4.57 Billion users on the internet each day, it is safe to say that Google is constantly updating its algorithms. Stand And Stretch employees SEO experts that stay on top of the newest Google algorithm updates ensuring all of our customers that we will monitor their search traffic and other analytics to make changes…

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ascent digital marketing

New SBA Free Learning Platform Launched – Learn More!

Stand And Stretch is here to provide you with the latest digital news and information. Whether you’re seeking help on your website design or looking to increase your web presence with SEO and digital marketing retargeting services, we’ve got you covered! Here’s the latest from the SBA. According to the SBA, women own or co-own…

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call to action

What’s a CTA And How Can it Help Market Your Small Business? 

“Call to Actions” (CTAs) can either be effective or pointless if your consumer is not interested in what your company provides. That is why it’s important to convey the products, goods, or services your business provides clearly and concisely.  Trending call to actions float around blog posts, sale promotions, social media, and website content —…

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Stand And Stretch retargeting manager talks about instagram stories being added to adroll creating a great advertising strategy for small businesses.

Introducing Instagram Stories To Adroll

With the internet on the rise, more and more small businesses are finding new and spunky ways to market their products. As Stand And Stretch’s Retargeting Manager, I have seen all types of ad placements. There have been simple ad placements on your Facebook and Instagram news feeds. We have seen banner ads at the…

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Blogging is fun

The Underrated Practice of Creating Fun Blogs

The Underrated Practice of Creating Fun Blogs Blogging hit the internet in the early 2000s. Since then, there are about 500 million blogs in the world, and about 2 million blog posts published on a daily basis. Blogging is for anyone and everyone because everyone has a voice that they can share with the world.…

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Web design for small business can get stressful, hand your website over to stand and stretch and let the digital experts handle it.

Why a Bad Website is Turning Away Customers

With 4.57 billion people using the internet each day, it is fair to say that having a clean, fresh, aesthetically pleasing site is your first impression on most of your potential customers. Having a well-designed website is next to having a pleasing storefront. There are several aspects to your website that could be turning away…

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Three Common Questions On TikTok Advertising

It seems TikTok banners ads and posts about free credits to advertise on the platform are now a normal item in my news feeds. And it got me thinking about our clients and the questions we are getting about the viability of the platform. Sure, TikTok is now the newest app on the block and…

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google updates

Google Updates You Should Be Using For Your Small Business

Are you aware of the Google updates that you could be utilizing for your small business benefit this year? With the unknown of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to keep your website updated for both you and your customers benefit. Google is constantly improving its possibilities to help any and all businesses, make sure…

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Tips for Working Remotely with Kids at Home

Months ago, there was a small group of the population who worked from home, or who had their kids at home while doing so. But now, months into a pandemic, it’s almost a daily norm. Kids, even school-aged children, are learning from home – all while parents are in the next room working. It’s a…

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digital marketing degree

The Rise Of The Digital Marketing Degree

From home phones to flip phones to iPhones, technology has made leaps and bounds within the past 30 years. Now that the internet is accessible at all points in time, the term marketing has a whole new meaning as more and more companies turn to the internet to jumpstart their business.  Whether businesses are trying…

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search engine marketing, online usage, seo management services

How Online Usage Has Changed with the Pandemic

Across the globe, society has been at home now more than ever. Online usage is on the rise as well. While trying to stay safe and abide by the guidelines of shelter-in-place orders, Covid-19 quarantines, and lack of storefront businesses that are even open, many are trying to find something to do.  That is, something…

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digital marketing work from home desk -- pandemic business growth Columbus, GA

How Stand And Stretch Has Weathered the Pandemic

Phew – what a year, right? To say that the coronavirus was an expected blow to the economy is an understatement …. a HUGE one. Small and large businesses alike have been hit with an anvil. Think cartoon style — and we’re still waiting for those squiggly lines that indicate shock and pain to disappear.…

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woman in mask checking her smartphone

Can Tech Warn You if You’ve Been Near the Coronavirus?

Last month, phone moguls Apple and Google announced a project that will help the public’s well being. With tech advancements and cooperation across the two brands, they’re working together to keep the general public safe and informed about any potential close contact they might have had with COVID-19. Through updated tech, users can log onto…

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facebook ads

Manage Your Events with Facebook Ads Lead

How much of your in-store traffic is coming from online leads? Set up Facebook Ads Lead to keep an eye on customer data and learn how your ROI is being affected. When running a small business, this information is absolutely crucial to your marketing plan.  With this free program for Facebook business page owners, you…

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google local services

Grow Locally Through Local Services by Google

Your ads matter. Who sees your ads matters. As a small business that relies on local business, you need to be seen by the people who are looking for you. This includes customers within your service area, especially those actively seeking your services. With Local Services by Google, you can utilize tools that help you…

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global pandemic, big tech brands relieve pressure, instagram tracker, gazelle tracker, covid, relief pandemic

Tech Brands Changing Their Platform to Fill Pandemic Needs

With the world in a pandemic, tech brands are now taking it upon themselves to change their platform in order to fill the needs that the pandemic is causing. Major tech companies are taking big steps in order to alleviate some of the demands in hospitals, homes, and workplaces. These tech companies are setting the…

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giving back during COVID-19, marketing efforts pandemic

Tips for Approaching Your Market During the Pandemic

As the world enters another month of the pandemic, businesses in all industries are left scrambling. Wondering how to approach their market, how to help customers in need, and most of all – how to provide something useful.  It’s safe to say we’re all navigating uncharted territory, and as a business owner, you’re likely unsure…

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How Big Business is Giving Back in a Time of Need

The coronavirus has taken the world by storm, and the U.S. alone has been dealing with widespread effects for weeks, if not months. For folks everywhere, it’s been a real whirlwind of existence. Business owners are feeling the effects, thousands of people have lost their jobs or been put on furlough, and at the very…

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