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Create and Test Multi-Layer Web Design with Origami Studio

Have you ever wanted to see the final product of your social media promotion before it went live? What if your design team could all preview and make edits to the prototype before fully committing with an uncomplicated, free downloadable program? With Origami Studio you can create multi-layered design prototypes for all social media promotions […] Read more

The Reality of Virtual

I know. I’ve been a quiet little mouse. It has been 90 days since we lifted anchor and I must say keeping my nose out of things and giving priority to this agency has felt good. And it’s been a pleasure taking the opportunity to visit our clients more often. And to find out, they […] Read more

Freelancing is Changing the Game … And the Quality of Work

“So you have a part-time job?” – that is the two most common, yet mostly untrue – stereotype associated with freelancing. Yes, freelancing, the location-free way to work. (I emphasize WORK here; no it’s not a far-off goal to get paid while Netflixing and watching snacks.) But it’s anything but part-time. Unlike telecommuting, which allows […] Read more

Mobile-First or Desktop-First Web Design: What Should Companies Prioritize For Customers?

When designing a website, the best strategy is one that can get the most readers while also keeping their attention. High traffic to a website is a great thing, but is less effective when those entering the website are not encouraged to stay on it. Analyzing the way that customers or readers view a site […] Read more

How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

It has been a longed for and recurring topic of our Instagram Master Class. “How do you manage more than one account on Instagram?” – said by every Instagram Marketer I know. The masses have spoken and now we can defeat the log-out and then log-back-in effort that seems to create friction and lose the […] Read more

Feb, 26, 2016



New Direction; New Challenges: Our New Art Director Looks Forward.

It is a challenge to find talent in our area. It just is. But it is even more challenging to provide a place where talent can grow into the next leader of your agency. Focusing on building creative excellence and watching it grow at Stand And Stretch has been something I have begun to revel in. Since […] Read more