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HotJar Web Services: Tracking the Hottest Trends Online

What image goes into your head when you think of website clicks and internet traffic? Do you think of it in terms of roads, like the “information super highway?” At Stand and Stretch, we use a variety of strategies to analyze and improve the social of our clients’ websites. Video editing, web design and increasing […] Read more

Facebook Offers: 5 Things To Consider Before Creating An Offer

It has arrived. The newest edition of the Facebook Deals has become available on our Pages this morning and I wanted to share my two cents.  Facebook Offers is a very simple solution to entice users to engage your store and drive foot traffic into your location.  However, I am not quite sure this fits […] Read more

Facebook Timeline for Pages: Early Considerations

While considering the rush of  ideas from our  team and ‘urgent’ messages from our clients, I dug in and began to recognize a peculiar notion. Taking on Timeline meant more than just a fancy cover photo and added functionality.  It is a breakaway from the feed-driven communication we have become accustomed to and a step […] Read more


Social Media in Columbus, Ga: Case Study of Community Growth

February 1st, 2011 was a unique day.  But not just because an incident occurred that pumped the city full of anticipation. This day was unique because our city acted as a community sharing details of an urgent story using social media.  I began to notice this ‘manhunt’ early on so I set up my nets and […] Read more

Help Support @ColumbusState, @Aflac and @MatterOfTrust : Donate Nylons and other materials by July 9th

I received this email today from Columbus State in Columbus, Ga and decided it was important enough to share! July 9th is deadline! For our anyone who can, “Columbus State University is joining Aflac and Matter of Trust to collect clean, used pantyhose to support the clean-up efforts in the Gulf of Mexico.  Using human […] Read more

Please Help Me Welcome To Stand And Stretch!

We are proud to announce that has begun working with Stand and Stretch. I look forward to working with Scott Free and his team of movie reviewers. Eventually, we will even help his team set up a PodCast! 🙂 Congrats for making the first step!  🙂 Visit them here: Twitter: And of […] Read more

Is Twitter Doomed? Uprising of the Auto-tweet

I recently studied the predator-prey model for a grad class this Spring and found that it’s properties could possibly foretell an upcoming Doomsday for Twitter.  In this model, the simulations concluded that with each corresponding variable change to either animal there is a diverse effect on both populations.  For instance, if the birth rate of the prey […] Read more

#FollowFriday – Downfall of a SuperTag…

If you know anything about Twitter you know about #FollowFriday.  This hashtag is one of the most commonly used on Twitter along with other favorites including #musicmonday and #fail.  This search pattern (#hashtag) allows the user to profile their favorite twitterers.  In many cases, this allows a follower to see other users that may be […] Read more