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Email Marketing for Nonprofits: Affordable Business Tools

As a nonprofit, it’s just as important to get your information to the masses as any other business. In fact, it might be even more important. Requiring donations, word-of-mouth and volunteers who are willing and able to stay successful, nonprofits stay afloat by reaching as many people as they can. However, it’s also a task […] Read more

Path: The Anti-social Network

It seems that some of us may be growing tiresome of the typical social networking sites like Facebook and Google Plus. We see it in our campaigns and we hear it in the feedback from users. Since these platforms allow businesses the ability to market to consumers based on opt-in handshakes we are beginning to […] Read more


Photography Websites: The Consumer Perspective

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a wonderful group of photographers at the Photopia Professional members meeting.  It was very engaging as I spoke about the difference in blogging styles and how to allow the consumer to connect with the images using social platforms such as Pintrest (if you need an invite, let me […] Read more

Welcome to Stand And Stretch 2.0: Answering the Biggest Question Correctly…

It’s not every day you get to ‘relaunch’ on your one year anniversary but I am glad to announce our move into a new skin.  This site was designed and built to answer one question.  What do we do?! Enjoy and interact with the site. Please let us know of any feedback. Thanks to everyone […] Read more

Hyper Alerts: The Feature Facebook Forgot (Fan Page Notifications)

That’s a great tag line.  I couldn’t have said it any better.  Anyone who manages multiple Facebook pages needs a way to monitor them and since Facebook forgot to include this it seems someone has taken care of this. This Norweigan based company ( has just made my day a little happier.  Within minutes I […] Read more

Tips on ‘The Art of Tagging’: Facebook’s Most Powerful Concept

We’ve all seen them yet only a few of us have tackled the ‘art’ of tagging others (including businesses) in our status updates.  I call it an art form because it requires much more knowledge than you may think.  Slamming statuses with tags using brute force is sure to get you blocked/reported so a skillful […] Read more

Dec, 06, 2010



Achieving a Dream –

It is not everyday that you get a testimonial from a client that changes your perspective and vision on your current goals. When Scott, client from, completed a evaluation/review he made it clear that some goals are not always monetary.  While I know he would like to make millions and be invited to world premieres, he has found something a […] Read more

The iPhone 4.0. It is here… It is Mine… It is Good!

As we speak, I am sitting here at my desk typing this blog, and talking to my best friend on FaceTime.  This is absolutely awesome.  Why am I not on iChat??  BECA– USE IT’S FACETIME!!  This is a breakthrough in mobile communication that we all knew was coming.  Now we just need the FCC to […] Read more

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