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Digital Marketing Takes Over the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday — a day that involves football, food, and friends. Although, there’s a little more to this special Sunday now that technology and social media play such a big role in our lives. Besides football, the Super Bowl is infamous for its creative and amusing ads during the commercial breaks. Whether you’re a […] Read more

The Art of Social Selling

So, what is social selling? Is it a fancy term for sales? Or is it a process hidden within social marketing? The answer to those questions is neither. Social selling is the concept of using your own sales technique through a different platform; a social platform. Through the use of social networks such as LinkedIn, […] Read more

Holiday Safety Tips for the Social Media Enthusiast

I sit here looking at a Facebook feed full of family and friends all frolicking around enjoying the days up to the Holidays and I often wonder what they are thinking.  Why are you posting pictures of your tree stacked full of presents?  I’m glad you are going to Vancouver for the next 7 days […] Read more

The Growth of Social Media [Infographic]

I love love love infographics and this one is superb! Take Aways Research for jobs are increasing on social networks.  No one wants to work for a company with little interaction on their pages. Every 20 minutes over 10 million comments posted on Faceebook. 95 millions tweets a day. Enjoy! Source: The Growth of Social […] Read more


Small Businesses and Social Media Use [INFOGRAPHIC]

I stumbled upon this graphic and thought it would ring the bell of our current marketplace in Columbus, Ga. You can see from the stats created by Alexis Lamster from postling.com that more small businesses are looking at Twitter to engage customers in the social media realm.  This means that businesses are joining in the […] Read more

The Locos Event – Diary of a @Foursquare Flash Mob

Columbus Georgia doesn’t foursquare as much as other cities.  Well, that’s about to change. We’re about to make a point to integrate social media into businesses throughout the area and we start here. The goal: Create a foursquare flash mob (to accomplish much more than just a swarm badge) at Locos Grill & Pub. We […] Read more

Find Yourself Online… and “Like” It!

How do I go about getting a new page on my website, and then letting the whole world know about it?  I can send out tweets, add a post to Facebook, and maybe use Myspace if I think people still use it…  Hmm what is this?  Digg?  Did someone fail a spelling test? There are […] Read more

Our Social Site Just Got More Sociable

The team at Stand and Stretch is proud to announce that we have integrated the Disqus comment engine into our site. We feel like this platform fosters discussion and makes it easier on our clients, our business partners, and future Stand and Stretch interns to communicate with us directly on the site. Logging into the […] Read more

Common Mistakes With Facebook and Twitter

I like to think I have a solid grasp on the differences between Facebook and Twitter but I still make small mistakes.  A lot of small things can happen to disengage the user and deter them from interacting with you.  On Facebook, you can engage the user in a rich manner with actions, links, photos, […] Read more

3 Easy Ways To Begin Thinking Socially

You are here, reading this post and probably wondering what the big deal with social media is.  You have come to the realization that ‘something’ is going on and you can’t quite get a hold on why it matters and why you should engage.  You’ve heard all the terms like status update, tweet, Facebook, twitter, this and […] Read more

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