Digital Marketing Takes Over the Super Bowl

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Super Bowl Sunday — a day that involves football, food, and friends. Although, there’s a little more to this special Sunday now that technology and social media play such a big role in our lives. Besides football, the Super Bowl is infamous for its creative and amusing ads during the commercial breaks. Whether you’re a fan of football or not, chances are your television is on during the big game, just waiting for your chance to point out the next best ad.

Let’s take a behind the scenes look at the production of Super Bowl ads and the effects social media has had on the game!

Effective Ads That Appear on Television

With Super Bowl ads costing around $5 million per 30 seconds (Woah!), it is obvious that companies will want to make the most out of their short time in the limelight. To make their ad the most effective it can be, companies sometimes stir up controversy before the game. This will get the buzz going about their company, which will set up their viewers, unknowingly, to watch for news about what is going on with that company.

In the past commercials have been crazy, disrespectful, and crude. This year it is expected that Super Bowl ads will have a light and respectful tone to them. They will appeal to viewers through humor and also by using celebrities to market their brand, which is a common trend among Super Bowl ads, especially in recent years.

Super Bowl’s Effect on Social Media

In today’s world, people don’t just sit in front of their TV with no connection to the outside world. Everyone always has technology in front of them, whether it be an iPad, laptop, or phone. This is why social media usage skyrockets during the big game. During the Super Bowl last year there were 200 million likes, comments, or posts. There were also 27 million tweets about the Super Bowl alone.

Consumers Have Changed The Game

Social media has and always will be a way for people to connect. We see this happen more than ever during big television events. Social media allows the game to reach a wider range of people and for those people to be more actively involved in the event. The public can join in conversations with a simple hashtag and chat with people across the country about a specific play that happened. Overall it’s a way for more consumers to get exposed to the game and enable them to easily converse with whoever, wherever.

Using The Super Bowl To Market Your Business

As mentioned, a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl totals around $5 million; not many companies can afford this! But, with numbers on digital networking sites coming in at millions during this game it could be a great opportunity to market your business during the boom period. Marketing during the Super Bowl for businesses can be simple and easy. Business owners can have a “gameday sale” or even just post about a specific product during the game.

To learn more about digital marketing and how it can help grow your brand, contact Stand And Stretch today.

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