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With 79% of Americans shopping online, it’s necessary to have a presence to market any successful business. An online presence has many benefits such as boosting revenue and creating customer loyalty. Though many business owners seem to struggle with the task of creating their own web presence.

Pointy can help with the seemingly impossible task of creating a website for businesses. Pointy is a tool that is for businesses that are struggling to get their products from the shelf to the web. When using Pointy, attach a box to the barcode scanner and simply scan the products.

These products will go straight from the store to a Pointy page, where hundreds of potential customers can see the products that are offered. Pointy will add the price, name, and whether or not the product is in stock, all with just the scan of the product.

Marketing Businesses Online Can Be Simple and Quick

Oftentimes, business owners look at creating their own web page as time-consuming and a hassle. Businesses can get their products online with just a swift scan through Pointy, this will help business owners spend less time online and more time in their store.

Pointy Product Ads

Pointy allows the option of running Pointy Product Ads. These ads are high-performing ads that appear on Google for all products through Pointy. Business owners can regulate the daily budget on these ads and choose the geographic targeting range.

Pointy Makes Products Rank Higher in Search Results

There are 1.8 billion websites online. You may wonder how products get viewed if there are that many sites on the web. Ranking higher in search results, which Pointy helps with, also enables websites to have more views. A higher search result helps websites be in the tip-top of those 1.8 billion websites

With Pointy, products will also be added to the See What’s in Store tool through Google. This tool allows locals to shop through Google by searching the products that they are looking for on the See What’s in the Store page. Google’s See What’s in Store page can be found through the main search bar of Google or Google Maps, making it easier for customers to find products. Customers can search for a specific product, and find whether or not it’s in stock at the local stores.

Online Marketing With Pointy

An online presence is necessary to create a lucrative business in today’s digital world. Pointy automatically adds all data about the product that was scanned and makes it so businesses get higher page rankings. It gives local customers a simple way to explore products through the See What’s in the Store page. Pointy also has the capability of bringing more attention to products with Pointy Product Ads. Small business owners can benefit by using Pointy by allowing them to spend less time working on their website, and more time working in their business. Pointy is a simple way to create an online presence to market your business.

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