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Digital Marketing Takes Over the Super Bowl

Digital Marketing Takes Over the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday -- a day that involves football, food, and friends. Although, there’s...

Erin Hammel February 1, 2019
The Growth of Social Media [Infographic]

The Growth of Social Media [Infographic]

I love love love infographics and this one is superb! Take Aways Research for...

Lucas Shaffer September 6, 2011

Small Businesses and Social Media Use [INFOGRAPHIC]

I stumbled upon this graphic and thought it would ring the bell of our...

Lucas Shaffer March 29, 2011

The Locos Event - Diary of a @Foursquare Flash Mob

Columbus Georgia doesn't foursquare as much as other cities.  Well, that's about to change....

Lucas Shaffer July 8, 2010

Our Social Site Just Got More Sociable

The team at Stand and Stretch is proud to announce that we have integrated...

Lucas Shaffer June 15, 2010

Welcome To The Team! Prographs, LLC Is Now Family!

It is my honor to introduce a strong company in Kansas City who deals...

Lucas Shaffer June 13, 2010

Common Mistakes With Facebook and Twitter

I like to think I have a solid grasp on the differences between Facebook...

Lucas Shaffer June 11, 2010

3 Easy Ways To Begin Thinking Socially

You are here, reading this post and probably wondering what the big deal with social media...

Lucas Shaffer May 28, 2010

Social Media A 'Trend'? Barnes & Nobles Must Think So

I recently visited our local Barnes and Nobles to scan the books and periodicals...

Lucas Shaffer May 9, 2010