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Cyber Monday: Why E-Commerce is Important for Your Business

“Cyber Monday” is now apart of the common vernacular around the holidays and has equal weight as its older shopping juggernaut event day, “Black Friday.” However, that hasn’t always been the case. Yes, there was a time before Cyber Monday! The term Cyber Monday was actually coined by Ellen Davis back in 2005, before we […] Read more

Are Mobile Site Load Times Killing Your Sales? Fix them with TestMySite

If your website is your virtual window to the world, how hard is it to see into that window? How fast can people see what’s in the window? You want it to be clear, clutter-free, and displaying the absolute best product you have to offer. There’s a great tool to make sure you’re using optimization […] Read more

SEO v PPC: Watch the Webinar!

Ask a room of your friends, “When was the last time you clicked on a search ad on Google?” Watch as the room goes quiet and no one responds. I’m 100% on asking this question with the same result. No one I ask is clicking on the ads.

And if we (as in “smart consumers”) avoid this area like the plague, who IS clicking your PPC campaign? Did you know roughly 36% of all Google traffic clicks on the 1st Organic Position (SEO)? Yup…winning SEO gains more clicks, earns higher quality leads, and can improve your PPC game.

Join me as I explain why you should stop spending dollars on PPC today; especially in local markets. I will express this in data that is easy to understand and will change your perspective on digital marketing for your web presence and when to use PPC…and when SEO should be your primary investment.

Mar, 10, 2018




SEO: Why Your Website Is Losing You Business – Sit And Learn Webinar

Search engines drive customers to small businesses all day long. Organic, or non-paid, traffic delivered through SEO makes up for 94.95% of all clicks on the Google Search Results Pages (SERPs). And 5.05% goes to AdWords while the cost continues to rise. Watch Lucas to learn the fundamental practices you can engage in to win […] Read more

Jan, 29, 2018



Winning the Local Pack for SEO

SEO — or search engine optimization — is a proven way to advance your business online. Through search engine results, relevant searches, and location, relevant customers have a better chance at finding your business online, whether through a traditional search, or on social media. Incorporating these steps with local traffic — known as “the local […] Read more

Dec, 01, 2017



3 Tips For Better SEO Blog Posts

Writing blog posts is one the healthiest things you can do for your website. But let’s face it, it’s also not the best utilizing of time for a business owner. To sit down and throw down 500 words of delicious SEO copy isn’t the first thing on everyone’s list. And besides, your website may “look” decent, but […] Read more


Digital PR is a Must-Have for Your Business’ Online Strategy 

Digital PR is a vague catch-all term as pertains to what it is and what it means for your business. How you can use digital PR to zip-line your traditional public relations efforts across traditional media outlets to get to targeted audiences. But at Stand & Stretch, we believe it is simpler than that: Just […] Read more

Apr, 04, 2017



How to Spot an Outdated Digital Advertiser

Experts say you can date a world map based (mostly) on geographical names. For example, is Constantinople on the map or is Istanbul? Are Austria and Hungary two separate countries, Austria-Hungary, or the Austrian Empire? In a similar fashion, you can date a digital advertiser by whether or not they think meta keywords are important. […] Read more

What is your ‘Quality Score’? Three Keys to Understanding your Website’s SEO.

In today’s marketplace, your service and product is being indexed, or monitored, by the mainstream search engines every second. And as creepy as this sounds…it’s a good thing. Since you decided to put your business online, you have submitted your investment to be graded on many levels according to many standards. Your business may be […] Read more

Jan, 05, 2016



Conductor’s C3 SEO Conference, New York, NY – Getting Conductor Searchlight Certified and So Much More!

Finding the Organic in a Sea of Synthetic As I walked into Conductor’s C3 conference, I was overcome with electricity. The green neon lights illuminated the walk way and guided me into a larger room filled with bright white sofas, bean bag chairs and an innovation center complete with Apple desktops at the center of […] Read more

Oct, 24, 2014




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