How YouTube is Changing and What it Means for Online Videos

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Recently YouTube accounted its intentions to change its content standards, and ultimately, the way we look at YouTube as a whole. While previously, the site was made to upload, edit, and share video content, the site is now allowing for more interaction and viewer feedback. 

Back in 2005, we saw the first-ever YouTube upload, a video called “Me at the Zoo,” uploaded by platform co-founder, Jawed Karim, describing the elephants at the zoo. Now, just over 14 years later, the site has more than 23 million active channels

No more are the days of simple video uploading. YouTube is launching updates like statuses, pools, link sharing, and more. Think more Facebook-like, but with its own unique twist. Posting will be accessible to those with more than 10,000 followers, and therefore, have a community access tab on their YouTube dashboard. Via a community post, users can upload images, captions, or they can even get feedback from uses by creating a poll. This option will allow for more user interaction, as well as unique, content for the masses. 

As for those who you follow, you’ll see these posts come through in an Instagram-like feed. 

Next comes reels, which is only currently available in private beta. Reels are similar to a Facebook or Instagram story: short-term content that can be enhanced with stickers, images, or text. Owners can see stats of how many have views and can receive feedback on their reel posts. 

Additional Changes for YouTube as a Platform

In recent months, YouTube has taken on additional changes, too. For instance, updating the way its algorithms are run. This is in direct retaliation to users finding a way to get their own content recommended. Also known as recommendation conspiracies, YouTube has adjusted its number systems to delete the practice. 

After previously announcing that many accounts would lose access to “verified” status, YouTube actually reversed this stance, allowing the verified accounts to remain as-is. It’s likely that this decision was made after the intense level of backlash that was received. 

Another way it’s changing is by rounding out video views and subscribers. Rather than listing out to the number, the mogul platform will round up to the nearest number. It’s said this change is to reduce, if not eliminate, the obsession and scrutiny that comes from those who obsess and report on video stats. In some cases, these numbers got more traction than the video content itself. 

Changes to Kid-Based Social Media Videos

In order to make video content safer and compliant with national laws, YouTube is updating the requirements it has for kid-based content. All who post children’s videos will be required to submit that the video is made for a young audience. This is in accordance with COPPA or the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. YouTube suggests that all kid-based video creators learn the specifics of these laws so they can better follow them.

Machine learning will be used to follow and identify videos that can be checked for quality control. Kid-based videos should include content that has:

  • Children or children’s characters.
  • Popular children’s programming or animated characters.
  • Play-acting, or stories using children’s toys.
  • Child protagonists engaging in common natural play patterns such as play-acting and/or imaginative play. 
  • Popular children’s songs, stories or poems.

In addition, kid videos will be strictly categorized and tagged; anyone failing to mislead viewers or who avoids specific details could be punished by having their content removed.

Finally, personalized ad content will not be available, as it was shown to bait or lure kids into certain purchases. Finally, comments will be removed from kid’s videos and likes not shown with totals. These final changes work to minimize page interaction and allow for a simpler viewing process. 

These changes to YouTube can increase engagement, but will ultimately change the way we use the site. 
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