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Morgan Taylor Productions


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March 10th, 2022

Morgan Taylor Productions

Morgan Taylor is a voice actress and radio host with over 10 years of experience in the industry. She wanted a website that would highlight her talents to prospective clients by featuring audio clips, be easy to update, and showcase her work experience. We had a short turnaround time and wanted to deliver a product that would let Morgan’s personality shine through.


Morgan wanted a website that would highlight her talents and show her credentials to prospective clients. She wanted to feature a diverse spectrum of media that would showcase her abilities and creative diversity without having your run-of-the-mill “work gallery.” She wanted to utilize economy in the design and integrate the media in a way that felt natural, rather than a compulsory section.


Our design team came up with a UX design that would incorporate her work onto the homepage to showcase her talents front and center. We wanted to do so in a way that flowed naturally to users. We also sought to create a visual narrative for prospective clients as they move through the site that would demonstrate Morgan’s versatility and experience.
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Morgan wanted to integrate a showcase of a variety of visual and audio media on her website in a way that kept the site feeling snappy. Oftentimes, less experienced web designers can create sites with underoptimized or locally stored media that can slow site load times to a crawl. In the era of mobile browsing, speed and optimization are essential to keeping users on your site.


We utilized the speed and power of integrating embedded YouTube videos for that video gallery. Then we optimized audio media files for the ideal bitrate (quality) to maintain fast loading speeds. Finally, our servers employ state-of-the-art CDN or content delivery systems to ensure that as soon as users hit Morgan’s homepage, it is already caching media materials for the fastest possible browsing experience. This enables users to see, or rather hear Morgan’s considerable talents in a seamless experience, regardless of a user’s internet connection or device.

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Morgan isn’t just selling her skills as a voice actress and radio host, she’s selling her personality. We needed to find an elegant way to both demonstrate Morgan’s skills, and let her character shine through. We also wanted to remind prospective clients navigating the website at every turn that they should get in touch with Morgan asap for their next project.


We always encourage our clients, especially clients who are sole proprietors, to invest in professional photography. It helps humanize a business and ingratiate potential clients right off the bat. Luckily for us, Morgan had some killer photography already which made it painless to choose from, crop, and place throughout the site. We also placed calls to action throughout the site to make it easy to contact Morgan with one click no matter where a visitor was navigating.
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