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April 29th, 2021

LoCo Cookers

LoCo’s founders spent the last 25+ years combined in the outdoor cooking industry but cut their teeth (literally) on rib bones and ice-cold pull-top cans on the porch with family and friends. It is with that ethos that they create industry-leading outdoor cooking products that are distributed nationwide to retailers and online customers.


LoCo Cookers needed an upgrade. They were about to debut a new line of cookers in national retailers across the country including Lowes, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware. They needed a robust e-commerce solution that would allow them to quickly and easily manage sales. They also wanted a website platform easy to update, but versatile enough to customize product and collection page design in keeping with their stellar branding.


For this eCommerce website, we employed the client’s existing style guide and photography into a custom Shopify page builder. We utilized this tool to create heavily customized UX sitewide as well as hand-built product and collection pages, a service that usually costs clients thousands of extra dollars with other agencies. We wanted to compliment the bold, playful, splashy LoCo identity design with a user-focused design that was clean and simple, yet kept the down-to-earth ethos of the brand.
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Our customization went further than just designing much of the website outside of Shopify’s proprietary building tools. LoCo didn’t just need a heavily customized UX for landing pages, they also needed us to do quite a bit of custom coding to add custom buttons on the product pages that lead to matching product pages on 3rd-party retailer websites. They also wanted us to add review functionality, instructional videos/documents, and link QR codes on product packaging to the website.


We employed heavy back-end customization of the Shopify platform to add buttons linking products to retailer platforms to product pages in Shopify. We customized product templates and some core structural theme files with Liquid coding (and a combination of HTML/JavaScript) to embed media and add the custom functionality requested to the product pages. Finally, we created custom-coded hidden pages within Shopify to help QR codes on packaging go to the right locations.

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LoCo didn’t just want pages with carefully designed UX, they wanted to be able to integrate the website with outside promotional materials and packaging design utilizing QR codes. They also needed help with copywriting and converting photography intended for packaging into a format optimized for the web.


We integrated QR codes from packaging, helped create custom copy for elements sitewide, and even edited and optimized photography for the site. We also wrote an extensive “photography for web” guide that LoCo Cookers can use moving forward, regardless of whether they retain Stand and Stretch in the future. That is the type of service that Stand and Stretch pride ourselves on. We sell our time and expertise to the best of our ability and seek every opportunity to go above and beyond for our clients.

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