What is Google My Business?

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Is your business struggling to get the word out on new events or offers going on? Is business slow and you’re looking for a way to bring in new customers? Google My Business is a way to create an easy access for your customers to all the information they would need to know about your business. On Google My Business you can add the location of your business, hours, and the story you would like your customers to know about who you are as a brand.

Creating a Google My Business account is free of cost. It is a great way to connect with customers and let them know what your brand is all about.

Google My Business Adds New Capabilities

If you are looking for an easy way to promote an event that is happening at your business or get the word out to your customers that you have a big promotional sale or a special offer going on, Google My Businesses is your go-to slot. Some of the benefits that come along with creating a GMB is that you are in control of how your business looks online; you can make sure that all of your information is consistent with your online branding. GMB can improve the overall first impression customers have of your business. By seeing pictures of your business and all it has to offer, you can give visitors an up-close look before they ever step foot inside your location.

Why Advertise With Google?

Google has over 3 million more searches than any other website. Those numbers are staggering. This also means Google is the best way for your business to be discovered. Then creating a GMB increases your chances even further. Through GMB your information can also gain more views as it shows up on relevant industry searches.

Over 75% of businesses are found when customers search for a product, category, or service, while only about 20% of businesses are found through direct searches.

What are Event Posts?

Event posts on Google My Business can provide incredible turnaround for your business. Post about upcoming events based on your industry or time of year. For example, if you own a restaurant and have a live band coming in, creating an event post can get the word out. With this tool you can draw in more customers, and therefore, increase your ROI.

To create an event post you will need:

  • A title for the event you are featuring
  • A start and end date
  • And a time
  • CTA button so searchers continue to engage online
  • Optional: include a photo of the event

What are Offer Posts?

Offer posts are an easy way of letting your customers know of a sale that you have going on at your business. For instance, a BOGO sale that you have going on at your clothing store, 15% a service, and so on.

Other Post Types

What’s New Posts

These posts can provide basic information about your business. They can also be used to promote something new that is happening at your company. This can also attract a new line of customers.

How to Best Utilize Google My Business

To get the most out of GMB, use on all fronts and for various post types. Between getting the word out about the new event that is happening at your business and promoting any offers you have. Google My Business can have a positive affect on your business.

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