YouTube Launches New Marketing Feature: Director On Site

Good news to business who advertise on YouTube (or who are looking to advertise on YouTube), a new program is helping you reach more customers in a professional setting. With the introduction of Director On Site, companies can show potential shoppers what they’re all about with a high-quality commercial that airs on YouTube.

Best of all? They take care of it all. From planning, to filming, to the actual production, YouTube’s new program is the full meal deal. Director On Site is available to those who spent at least $150 on advertising and who live in select cities.

The expanding deal is currently offered in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington D.C., New York, and Boston.

How YouTube’s Director on Site Works

After signing up for your marketing fees, YouTube will work with you to create a professional commercial for your company. First, you’re matched with an experienced filmmaker who will help you write a script. (This is estimated at one-two hours of time.)

Next, they’ll shoot, edit, and polish your video – and deliver it! This all takes place in a two-three hour period, so you’ll get your video back that very same day!

Finally, an ad specialist will set up and place your video so it can be viewed online. They’ll also help ensure you are reaching the right audience for your business.

Interested in Growing Your Business with Director On Site?

The program has a number of examples already up and running so you can see the available quality and style. Head here to check them out.

You can also choose from a variety of templates that either focus on your brand, your personal story, and more.

Why it’s Helpful for Your Marketing Efforts

Video production can be a pricy gig, especially for a small brand. By streamlining this process, YouTube has made commercial easily accessible by the little guy. They’ve also taken out the guesswork, allowing your company to be as successful as possible. With experts making and posting your commercial, you can ensure you’re attracting the highest quality audience at all times.

As for the video itself, it’s a great way to draw in new customers. With a visual aid, viewers will have a better idea of what you have to offer, and, they’ll remember what you’re all about.

Basically, it’s a win-win.

If you’re considering advertising on YouTube, check out this important offer that can help grow your brand and your online marketing presence. Of course, we can help you every step of the way.

Get in touch with any questions, and more importantly, to learn what Director On Site can do for you!

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