Digital Transparency: What Your Digital Sales Rep Didn’t Tell You

As quickly as technology is advancing, it’s safe to say that the online world of advertising has undergone some updates — great ones! — in the past few years. With constant updates to search engines, brands that are constantly looking to improve the game, and advertisers who are taking on these growing digital practices, searching as we once knew it is a thing of the past.

And so is advertising online … in a good way. By staying up to date on the latest trends and changes, companies can gain more and more relevant followers each time they share. That means dollars that are better streamlined, and customers who are more likely to want/need your services.

But what’s hiding underneath the surface of these digital ads? Aside from the logistics behind it all, digital sales can become a tricky mess. Luckily, all you need is an honest brand to walk you through it. Here’s how you can help decipher the madness:

Transparency and Money Spent

It’s important to know that your digital sales rep might not be 100% transparent about where your campaign cash is going. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are pulling the wool over your eyes, however. Instead, it means that digital ads are complicated; prices can change by the day, too. But it could also mean they are trying to pull one over; they key is to understand the difference.

You’re likely to learn how much of your funds will go toward buying clicks, sharing ads, etc., but if you’re interested in knowing the specifics (like actual cost per click, cost per impression, and more from a data tracker such as AdWords), remember that it’s a tedious process. But those who aren’t willing to share that info might have more on their mind than helping your business grow.


Just because you want to create an ongoing campaign, doesn’t mean it’s always the best practice. In fact, static campaigns should not last longer than short promotional periods. Unless the campaign is a year long (and most are not), no business should have an entire trend or season that lasts 12 full months. After all, does your spring or winter season last that long? Then your campaign shouldn’t, either.

Instead, it’s better to switch up your campaigns every month or so. This keeps content fresh, it ensures your customers are seeing the most relevant content – especially if you have seasonal services or sales. And it’s a practice that will keep your digital ads relevant and pulling in accurate user data.

You Probably Won’t See Your Digital Account

Even though digital ads are set up through search engines (Bing and Google most notably), most digital ad companies won’t let you see the backend of your account. This is where real-time data is stored, including how many users searched relevant terms, how many clicked onto your site, and more. In other words, it’s where all the important stuff is held.

Stand And Stretch began sharing this ability with customers in 2016 as a better way to communicate with clients and share the entire ad growth experience. If your digital sales rep says you won’t be able to access or even view your own account(s), it’s time to ask why.


What are your retargeting goals? Can your sales rep tell you? Or share how they are retargeting within your campaigns? Every single one of your digital ads needs to have a goal in mind. That goal should then be used to create tactics, which can be adjusted based on incoming data. (That way you reach an ideal outcome based on known factors.)

With this being a main goal, it should obviously be a talking point with your rep. Be wary of those who skirt around the issue, or who won’t let you gain pertinent information.

Stay Away From Long Term Contracts

As mentioned above, your digital campaigns shouldn’t run for months on end. This is also true of PPC (that’s pay-per click) ads, like Google AdWords and other keyword based platforms. Digital companies will often push for contracts that are 12 or even 24 months. Most sales teams will push these lengthy timelines onto small businesses that might still have ups and downs, and celebrate their achievements = sales goals. Meanwhile, they often leave customers stuck in a contract they wish to leave after only a few months.

If this sounds familiar, or is a practice you come across in the future, beware.

To avoid these questionable digital ad services, get in contact with Stand And Stretch. We’ll share all the important data, and we won’t lock you in a contract you don’t want. Call or email us today!

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