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Google has done it again! For over 21 years, Google has been in our newfound digital world. Within those years we have seen, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Chrome, Google Shopping, and now, Google Hire.

This app is here to make your hiring process more efficient, effective, and faster. This recruiting app for G Suite users will enable companies to recruit the best employees with just a few clicks. Hire has various features, such as applicant tracking, relationship management, sourcing, and much more.

The Features of Hire by Google

Google Hire is all about allowing companies to hire more efficiently and more effectively. Google has done this by intertwining several parts of the hiring process all in one app. Right from Google Hire companies can

  • Post job openings to a multitude of job sites
  • Capture and track applicants easily
  • Administer applicants during the recruiting process
  • Communicate with hiring teams through chat
  • Schedule interviews quicker and easier with Google calendar integration
  • Easily combine G suite extensions
    •  Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive, Docs, Hangouts, and Sheets
  • Connect with reports for easy analysis during the recruiting process.

Digital Marketing is in Full Force

With the internet in full force, most people who set out on the job hunt head to Google first — this is true of those searching for a new career, or looking for the best new worker to join their team. With Hire, looking-to-hire companies get a career site that is optimized through Google, this makes it so more potential applicants can see the job opening! Companies can also post their job openings on more major boards such as Indeed or Glassdoor. Hire tracks which source is being used most efficiently — in order to get the most for your marketing money. Close ads that aren’t working and put more effort into the ones that are, it’s as easy as that.

How can a company keep track of all of the applicant’s information? Won’t this get confusing if it is all being communicated through an app? With Hire, there is a collaborative board for the company’s hiring or HR team. This allows users to create detailed reports on all of the candidates. In order to notify someone on the hiring team, all you have to do is @them. Intuitive, simple, effective, and mobile, this growing app can change the way we job search (and hire) today. With Hire by Google, we’re all taking a jump into the latest tech space in hiring processes. 

Scheduling an Interview via Hire by Google

Scheduling interviews can get tricky when trying to collaborate with a whole team. However, Hire uses Google Al, which recommends interviewers who are most available. You can see schedules side by side, conform duration, and book a time that is recommended — all through the app. These scheduled interviews are synced with Google Calendar, meaning calendar invites and RSVPs all at a quick glance. New meetings made easy.

Communication Management with Potential Hires

During the hiring process, a company will most likely have to make a choice between a great candidate and an excellent candidate … or they might get turned down. Generally, the hiring team does not want to lose a qualified person for later hiring purposes. Hire has this covered! The app keeps a candidate database wherein all data from past candidates are stored. The candidate database resurfaces old candidates when a new position opens and maintains all past data. Never dig for contact information again.

The Smooth G Suite Connection

Gmail sync knows when you are communicating with a candidate and naturally pulls up the recruiting-related emails. Not only will you be able to see the emails that have been exchanged, but your hiring team will also be able to view them. With a smooth G Suite connection, scheduling interviews is effortless. With Google calendar, you can easily see others’ availability and quickly accept or decline interviews with potential candidates.

Make it easier with Hire

Google’s Hire can benefit companies by many special features, allowing seamless applicant tracking, scheduling interviews, smooth G Suite connection, and much more. This recruiting app for G Suite users will enable companies to recruit the best employees by just a few clicks.

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