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SEO v PPC: Watch the Webinar!

Lucas Shaffer - March 10, 2018 - 0 comments

Ask a room of your friends, “When was the last time you clicked on a search ad on Google?” Watch as the room goes quiet and no one responds. I’m 100% on asking this question with the same result. No one I ask is clicking on the ads.

And if we (as in “smart consumers”) avoid this area like the plague, who IS clicking your PPC campaign? Did you know roughly 36% of all Google traffic clicks on the 1st Organic Position (SEO)? Yup…winning SEO gains more clicks, earns higher quality leads, and can improve your PPC game.

Join me as I explain why you should stop spending dollars on PPC today; especially in local markets. I will express this in data that is easy to understand and will change your perspective on digital marketing for your web presence and when to use PPC…and when SEO should be your primary investment.

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