Are Mobile Site Load Times Killing Your Sales? Fix them with TestMySite

If your website is your virtual window to the world, how hard is it to see into that window? How fast can people see what’s in the window? You want it to be clear, clutter-free, and displaying the absolute best product you have to offer.

There’s a great tool to make sure you’re using optimization to get the best results from your web design. Google’s Think With Google offers as a free service to test your mobile site speed and performance. It generates a free report that gives you a report-card style list of areas to improve your overall website experience.

Why Does Mobile Site Speed Matter?

You care enough about your business to invest time into building a website, which means you care enough to make it right.

According to Google, 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load.

That means if your mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load you automatically lose more than half your potential customers. While this stat is specific to mobile, our number of purchases made on mobile devices is rapidly increasing. More than half of web traffic is generated by mobile devices, as more folks remain busy and on the go.

How Does TestMySite Help?

The TestMySite website is incredibly easy to use. You simply type in your website URL and it will analyze your web design. It takes your website and runs a series of speed tests to see how well your web design performs across most mobile network speeds.

When it’s finished you get a free report that tells you the load time on a 3G network and an estimated loss of visitors due to load time. It then gives you an option to have your report emailed which will contain information on how you can improve your site.

What’s Next?

That report generates some helpful tips, such a compressing imagines, using GZIP, minifying resources and more. It will even rank these and tell you what is something that you absolutely need to fix versus what you’re doing well.

But you might be staring at the screen right now going, well I don’t know what half of that means? And that’s ok. That’s where Stand And Stretch can help you. We can work with you on all those recommendations to make sure you are in prime position when it comes to mobile web design and optimization.

To learn more about the importance of mobile-first design, check out our past post Mobile-First Web Design vs. Desktop-First Web Design. To learn more about how Columbus, Georgia web designers from Stand and Stretch can help you decrease your load time and increase your sales and lead generations, contact us today on our website.

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