Winning Your Local SEO Ranking in Columbus, GA

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Are you a business or website owner located in Columbus, Georgia? No matter where you’re located — from the Chattahoochee Valley and beyond — “winning” at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings is a digital marketing tactic that can and should be on your radar. In fact, it should be at the top of your list.

Why? Local SEO is readily obtainable, it’s tractionable, and it’s one of the most overlooked efforts of SEO. By letting customers know where you’re located and where you provide services, for instance, in Columbus, Georgia or Phenix City, Alabama, paired with what you do (website building and digital marketing), they can find you faster. Customers are looking. They’re searching for your service … all you have to do is make sure you show up.

Are You Utilizing SEO as a Digital Marketing Effort?

Including relevant keywords in your digital marketing efforts is a surefire way to help you show up faster, and higher on Google search engine results. Yet so many small-mid size businesses simply overlook this step. Either they don’t understand the growth that’s to be had, or they are unsure of their steps in digital marketing. 

And that’s where you, the competition, swoops in and snags all of their relevant web traffic. 

It’s simple: let folks know what you do. Whether you offer custom website coding, to WordPress building and management, to SEO, PPC, or Google Ad services, write about what you do and what you do well! Next, enlist your location to help do the marketing. Where are you located? Tell us. Tell the Internet! 

If you service a wider audience, you can write that, too, in your SEO efforts. 

Then it’s time to look at your Google accounts, business listings, and all settings. If it can be searched by Google in terms of your brand, you want to have eyes on it and control what’s said. The closer you follow Google guidelines and enter clear, relevant business keywords, the better chance you have at being seen online. 

Where Do Your SEO Services Rank?

If you aren’t sure if you’re doing SEO, you probably aren’t. In any case, check your location by searching for your business and its subsequent services online. Perform several searches to use different phrases. Then, with each search, see where you land. Are you on the front page? Way down the line? No matter how attractive (or unattractive), it’s important to do this search so you know where you’re starting. 

Next, implement the best SEO practices as outlined by Google. Every few weeks you can do the same searches to see if you’ve moved up in search spots, and if so, by how much. 

This isn’t just tactics that are offered in Columbus, Georgia, but in any location searchable by Google (or other search engines). 

Get Started Ranking For SEO Location Services Today

If you’re ready to get started in SEO ranking for this important section of digital marketing, contact us today. We offer brand monitoring with regular updates on where you land among SEO results, including local service searches. 

To learn how your business can grow with increased rankings, contact us today.

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