Digital Agency vs. Digital Provider: The Death of Click Summaries

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Welcome to another installment of Stand And Stretch’s Sit And Learn webinar series! This episode starts a three-part series discussing SEO, keywords, search engine traffic, and of course, the art of using an agency. But not just using any digital marketing agency, but one that offers you clear and manageable transparency.

In other words, you want to be able to follow what your digital marketing company has been doing. How are their tasks helping? What keywords are they implementing? And more. Many digital marketing brands offer blanket services, but when it comes to outlining what was actually done in that time, few brands are forthcoming about their tactics. Instead, they send click reports – but what does that mean? How do you read the reports?

At Stand And Stretch, we are all about transparency, almost to a fault. We want our customers to trust our methods, and we strive to be clear about what we’re doing at all times.

With the transparency model, you can know what your metrics mean and understand the importance of clicks. Make your digital marketing agency accountable. Make sure they report in a way that makes sense to you, but more importantly, in a way that adds value.

Get OUT of the click summary report and get into SEO and search result transparency.

Learn how with our free webinar – watch below to access this benefit for your own company and its online marketing growth.

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