Save time and space by switching the G Suite’s Google Drive File Steam

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Are you currently waiting on a spreadsheet? Did you want to take something home to work on, but you forgot to attach the file? And which version of the annual report you’re compiling with three other teammates is the most recent? AHHH!

Maybe some of these questions plague you at work, or maybe you’re one of the many employees who work remotely. In fact, some 43% of people report working from home at some point. Even more interesting, 80-90% of people say they want the option to work remotely.

That’s a lot of work being done from somewhere where the team isn’t physically located. And that’s ok, it’s totally doable and Stand and Stretch is actually living proof (you can read the cool story from our fearless leader here).

But, let’s talk about some of the cool Google tools that can help set you up for success with your day-to-day work.

First, Google Drive.

You may have a personal Gmail, and that’s a great start to exploring the awesome features from Google. Full disclosure, I was a Gmail user for years before I really discovered the benefit of all the amazing storage features Google has to offer.

Google Drive has a place to store and sync your documents and spreadsheets up to 15G. There’s also Google Photos, access to your YouTube, Google Play, news and more. Overall, just a great hub for storing and organizing your life digitally. But it comes with limitations at the free consumer level.

Level up with Google Drive File Stream.

But, you want to take it to the next level, not just organize your kid’s photos or your cat videos. You want to actually use this productivity tool to the fullest extent. Google offers an enterprise level product in Drive File Steam. With Google File Stream, you can set up your PC or your Mac to sync directly with your Google files.

Remember those scenarios from above? All solved. Files are always available and collaboration becomes breezily easy. For example, I’m writing this post right now in a Google Doc on my Macbook Air. As soon as I’m finished, I’ll use Google Hangouts to let my editor know it’s finished. They can open their Drive File Stream app and click on this document and have instant access to my last version. They can edit my document, leave comments, and more. No waiting on files, no confusion, no limits on size constrained by an email; just simple and effective communication.

Not only is Google Drive File Stream great for this seamless collaboration and instant file access, but also it helps cut down on storage space on your computer’s disk space and network bandwidth. Win-win situation!

What’s next?

If you’re running a business and you aren’t using G Suite by Google, then sign-up today using this link. Once you’re officially part of the Google cool kid crew, there’s a great walk-through here of how to use G Suite in 7 steps. And finally, there’s great step-by-step instructions for setting up your file steam here.

What are you waiting for? Get your productivity on!

Don’t want to stop at improving performance of your business or organization? Looking to do more with your digital presence? Stand and Stretch is a digital web design team from Columbus, Georgia; but through tools like Google Drive File Stream, we can work with you locally or remotely to provide excellent service! Hit us up online today.


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