WordPress Updates to 4.9.1; What it Means for Your Website

If you’re like a majority of the WordPress-using population, from time to time you see notifications for upgrades. You click and run them, and then you go on with life, without those little red reminder dots telling you that something needs to be done. But while those updates are taking place, so are actual changes in your website. While some are behind the scenes (at least to the non-techy among us), this time around, WordPress rolled out some pretty awesome changes, including customizer abilities and code checking.

That means WordPress will now check your code to make sure everything flows as it should! But that’s only the beginning of what this new version has to offer.

Collaborative Previews

Do you hate updating a design where you have to sit and wait for feedback? Or worse, decide how you feel about it yourself? WordPress 4.9.1 offers real-time preview options where you can preview the new look, then send out links so employees, coworkers, or even clients can view the new look. Gain instant feedback and implement and adjust as necessary.

Schedule Design Changes

Yes, scheduled changes! No need to get up at odd hours or make intense changes to your website all at once, with the new WP, you can schedule actual changes to the design. Decide what you want to switch up, and when you want each piece to go live. Woah is right!

Design Lock

Never fear another designer undoing your hard work. There’s now Design Lock so you can put insurance on all your hard work. No overrides and no stress about whether or not it will still be there, no matter how many people log into your back end.

Syntax Safety, Error Checking, and Sandbox Safety

No need to worry about introducing a coding error, especially one that will render your entire page useless. WordPress’s new changes will highlight potential errors, keeping you from making them in the first place. No more loss of display and no more digging through lines of code to see just where it all went wrong. You’ll also get a warning to save your work before editing design code … just in case something doesn’t go as planned.

Widget Improvements

Galleries are now easier than ever, you can add them via widget. For anyone who has ever fought with the coding or finding a theme that’s gallery-friendly, this is excellent news!

Meanwhile, you can also add media through a widget. Include through your favorite drag and drop feature, then you can add photos, videos, and sound clips however your heart desires.

So what does all of this mean? It means better looking websites that are easier to run and manage, all with less of a chance for error. WordPress just got better, and your personal or business website can easily benefit!

To learn more about what WP can do for you, get in touch; the designers of Stand And Stretch are ready to help!


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