Winning the Local Pack for SEO

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SEO — or search engine optimization — is a proven way to advance your business online. Through search engine results, relevant searches, and location, relevant customers have a better chance at finding your business online, whether through a traditional search, or on social media. Incorporating these steps with local traffic — known as “the local pack” — can give you an added boost for potential sales.

Using updated trends can ensure you have the best chance at being seen. Because search engines are constantly revamping their SEO practices, staying up to date on these is the best way to be seen.

Why SEO is Important to Your Business

Aside from the fact that your competitors are doing it, SEO helps bring in real, relevant, and loyal customers. Because said customers are searching for your very services online, the use of SEO will allow them to find you faster and easier. This also means you’re popping up for those who need your exact offerings.

SEO allows you to be found online and it educates consumers on what you have to offer. Brands who utilize regular SEO tactics are more likely to be found online (which translates to sales), and to have a loyal customer base who’s educated and informed within your industry.

Are You Ranking with SEO?

Perform a quick Google search to see how your business does. Search a few terms in your industry, along with your town (for instance: digital marketing Columbus, GA) and see what pops up. Are you in the results at all? Are there pages of competitors above you? By updating your SEO efforts and focusing on local, you can greatly improve where your business lands, as well as how many can see you during any given search.

How to Win the Local Pack

Just using SEO isn’t enough, however, you have to go local. By utilizing keywords for your town, state, county, etc., you can ensure you’re being seen by nearby shoppers. Additional tactics, like geo ads will also alert customers they’re near your facility. Google offers new data tracking abilities that notes when others are in your store and uses that same data to better inform additional shoppers.

Stand And Stretch uses only the latest SEO practices. With constant research, we’re up to date on keyword tracking, data management, phrase updates, and of course, following where your traffic is coming from and how to get more of it. We’ll help you every step of the way, and with monthly check ins, you can remain knowledgeable about what SEO is doing for your site, especially within the local sector.

By utilizing and updating local SEO abilities, you’ll not only rank among your nearby competitors, but you can actually sit above them in search engine results.

How to Implement SEO

If you’re ready to start winning the local pack at SEO, contact us today. We’ll give you a simple evaluation about what your next steps should be. We’re also here to implement keyword research, SEO writing, and more. This takes the burden off of your shoulders, while still ensuring your business gets the local SEO treatment that it deserves.

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