How To Link Your Customers Directly To Your Google Reviews Area

Consider the last time you were looking for a new service, how did you find a business or company that you trusted? One worthy enough of your cause? You might have asked around, checked out their previous work, listened out for reputations, or simply listened to your gut based on interactions. Each (or all) of these can serve as good methods, albeit time consuming. During this hunting process, you were also looking for as much confirmation as possible – anything to give you peace of mind that you had picked someone worthy of your business.

Understanding that process, and how others might approach it, too, is important when advertising your own company.

It will help you stay ahead of the curve by getting potential buyers to trust you from the get-go. And what better way to do so than to offer reviews? Those that are straight from the horse’s mouth … that is, reviews from previous customers.

With a great looking site and your professionalism, bragging reviews will only be icing on the cake when drawing in new business.

Why Reviews Work

Reviews are a great way to show your experience, and previous happy customers. They prove you’ve gained business in the past, and that others have left with a good (or better) experience. With personal details attached to each review, every mention will only hold more clout, and show others that you’re a business worth hiring.

Obviously, more good reviews will go further with readers. And the more specific the story, and the more reviews that are posted, the more ground that’s likely to be gained.

They also show a business’s transparency and how they’re willing to prove their good will.

It’s simply a matter of learning others used a service first, and were happy with said service. That way shoppers aren’t going in cold, rather they have others to vouch for their forthcoming experience.

How to Launch Personalized Reviews

Thankfully, Google has made this step easy. (Or, you can have Stand And Stretch help and make it even easier!) By verifying your business account, business owners can create a direct link for customers to review their services. Think Facebook reviews, or emailed responses – just with fewer steps. Here, customers can add their very own thoughts and opinions, on their own time. This cuts out time spend on asking and following up for reviews, and takes out that awkward feeling of “Hey can you do us a favor?” Basically, all the hassle is gone, while reviews are still gained – a win-win for both shoppers and business owners.

Set up by:

  1. Head to Google Places API
  2. Add in your business’s information, including location
  3. Click on your company in the provided drop-down list
  4. Add your ID to this link (<place_id>) to create a custom landing

Now, your Place ID link will be added, letting customers click when they are searching on Google or Maps. Once they click, they can leave a review that will be directly connected to your business.

Next, you can post these same reviews live to your website, and respond to customers without breaking their privacy. Reviews can also be posted within Google search previews. Meaning, searchers can see reviews before they even click on your website. (Talk about efficient!)

If you’re looking to give your website a quick and easy boost, all while improving your on and offline reputation, consider offering a direct review link. This will easily offer more information about your business, while minimizing time spent along the way.

Are you ready to get started and improve customers’ online experience? Contact Stand And Stretch to learn more, or to start your own review posting setup today!

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