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The Case for Using URL Discount Codes

Bethaney Phillips - February 15, 2017 - 0 comments

If you haven’t yet experienced the magic of an online shopping code, you’ve likely at least heard of them. Much like physical coupons, these little money savers pull dollars and cents directly off of your bill. But unlike the snippable kind, virtual or URL codes are digital. They work all the same on the savings end of things, but without paper cuts, or the need to step foot inside a store.

Better still, with URL versions, these discounts apply automatically. As you check out, amounts are simply removed from your running total. All that’s needed is to click “checkout” and bam! Savings to be had! Sounds pretty great, right?

As a shopper, this is an incredible convenience that allows you to get more bang for your buck. With less work, while you’re at it. But as a website and business owner with a thriving eCommerce site, it’s an add-on perk that can mean more income and more objects sold. Just due to the convenience of it all – and of course the “Yessss!!” factor.

How it Works

Customers are used to typing (or more likely, copying and pasting) codes in at checkout. This involves testing out different combinations to find the best savings, and pairing codes on top of codes to see if they’re allowed to work together. Serious online shoppers might even have an app or search-engine addition that does the above for them. Or, they might search outside boards for even more online coupon codes.

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All of this might help save, but it can be time-consuming and frustrating, too.

Instead, let your website be the middleman. With URL additions that autosave and apply to each shopper’s cart, they get the savings without the hassle. A user simply clicks “checkout” and their discount codes are automatically applied. The website auto-discounts items how you list them for sale, leaving out the hassle on both end of the shopping agreement.

We can even do all of the work for you!

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This can include a percentage off, a set fee to be removed per item, and can be adjusted based on the season, what’s on sale, and more.

As the business owner, you’re in control of what savings take place. But, by providing them, you’re not only enticing your buyers with added savings, you’re eliminating the work of them having to create their own discounts. It’s savings at its easiest!

The Perks

Who doesn’t love some good savings? Especially when it’s on products they know and love. However, newcomers are also more likely to shop when there are auto-applied discounts behind a new item. In fact, stats show that 93% of shoppers use coupon codes at some point throughout the year; 7 out of 10 of those shoppers said they’d so within the previous week. Meanwhile, 55% of them prefer dollars off (vs. reward points or free shipping), according to the Wall Street Journal.

As for you, the business owner, there is very little maintenance and upkeep to this method, which makes it even more enticing. With some simple software updates, Stand And Stretch can allow shoppers to save (and then stop saving), as your calendar dates allow. You can even cycle through different sales – with codes that reflect the season – for an added bit of flare.

Ready to learn more? Or to start your own URL discount codes today? Get in touch and we’ll help you get started!

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