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Path: The Anti-social Network

It seems that some of us may be growing tiresome of the typical social networking sites like Facebook and Google Plus. We see it in our campaigns and we hear it in the feedback from users. Since these platforms allow businesses the ability to market to consumers based on opt-in handshakes we are beginning to […] Read more


4 Reasons Why Your Facebook Presence Shouldn’t Be Through ‘Friend’ Accounts

You want to be on facebook and spread the good word about your product or your event. Everyone is doing it and it seems easy enough! You get a new email address and set up an account and start erratically ‘friending’ everyone. This is not a good way to venture into this area. You are […] Read more

Web Awareness: How To Protect Yourself Against The Web

We’ve all seen them, some of us have been unfortunate to have them.  Finding yourself with a virus or malware application that will run rampant on your computer is only a click away.  There are a few things you can do to give yourself the power to interact with the web and not worry about malicious attacks […] Read more

How to create a Yahoo Pipe to add to @HootSuite RSS/Atom feed

I briefly touched on the realm of spamming when I decided to look into adding content, or more specifically value, to my twitter accounts.  I strung several RSS feeds into usable outputs that helped me transmit new blog posts moments after they are posted.  To my surprise, this worked very well and I wanted more. […] Read more

@HootSuite and the Social Media captive

You might wonder why I am taking the time to profile @HootSuite as I have only used it for one day.  Well, that’s the reason.  I have only used this for one day and I already feel like I have a better hold on my reputable status in my social circle.  I have been held […] Read more