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Path: The Anti-social Network

It seems that some of us may be growing tiresome of the typical social networking sites like Facebook and Google Plus. We see it in our campaigns and we hear it in the feedback from users. Since these platforms allow businesses the ability to market to consumers based on opt-in handshakes we are beginning to […] Read more


Welcome to Stand And Stretch 2.0: Answering the Biggest Question Correctly…

It’s not every day you get to ‘relaunch’ on your one year anniversary but I am glad to announce our move into a new skin.  This site was designed and built to answer one question.  What do we do?! Enjoy and interact with the site. Please let us know of any feedback. Thanks to everyone […] Read more

Locos Event Video

Fun recap of the event. We hope to do this again real soon.

4 Reasons Why Your Facebook Presence Shouldn’t Be Through ‘Friend’ Accounts

You want to be on facebook and spread the good word about your product or your event. Everyone is doing it and it seems easy enough! You get a new email address and set up an account and start erratically ‘friending’ everyone. This is not a good way to venture into this area. You are […] Read more

3 Easy Ways To Begin Thinking Socially

You are here, reading this post and probably wondering what the big deal with social media is.  You have come to the realization that ‘something’ is going on and you can’t quite get a hold on why it matters and why you should engage.  You’ve heard all the terms like status update, tweet, Facebook, twitter, this and […] Read more

Why You Should Go Social…No, I Mean All The Way

In the waves of online identities and our need to communicate, we are having a rebirth of society.  Societies functional aspect is beginning to open the door to many avenues of being connected.  I have been passing an idea back and forth in my head and it is becoming a common thread in which I […] Read more