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Social Links: Organization and Bookmarks

Are you getting overwhelmed with all of the new social sites you need to connect to in order to stay relevant in the social market?

#FollowFriday – Downfall of a SuperTag…

If you know anything about Twitter you know about #FollowFriday.  This hashtag is one of the most commonly used on Twitter along with other favorites including #musicmonday and #fail.  This search pattern (#hashtag) allows the user to profile their favorite twitterers.  In many cases, this allows a follower to see other users that may be […] Read more

How to create a Yahoo Pipe to add to @HootSuite RSS/Atom feed

I briefly touched on the realm of spamming when I decided to look into adding content, or more specifically value, to my twitter accounts.  I strung several RSS feeds into usable outputs that helped me transmit new blog posts moments after they are posted.  To my surprise, this worked very well and I wanted more. […] Read more

@HootSuite and the Social Media captive

You might wonder why I am taking the time to profile @HootSuite as I have only used it for one day.  Well, that’s the reason.  I have only used this for one day and I already feel like I have a better hold on my reputable status in my social circle.  I have been held […] Read more