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We are the people who can give you perspective on social media. We started right where you are and learned everything by doing. Our knowledge does not make us experts but merely individuals who have successfully built value-driven networks and found opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

We want to share this with you.

Social media is only one aspect of who we are.  We also develop web solutions to fit your goals.  If you need something, let us build it to help you convert and retain connections.  Valuable networks are tedious to build and can drown you in details if you do not have a good roadmap.

Let us provide insight and technique.

We want you to learn and grow as we provide hands-on guidance in navigating the web.  We eventually lead you into your own roadmap and we disconnect leaving you empowered to retain your connections.  Our mission is to build you so that you may build others, including your friends, employees and business partners.  We gain by building strong connections and we want to create a connection with you.  Join us now…

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Lucas Shaffer

With 15 years of digital creative experience and work in dozens of major industries, Lucas writes to communicate the importance of digital strategies useful for every company from Startup to mature Brand. He currently is Creative Director at @StandAndStretch, a TEDx Speaker, SEO Expert, Father to 3 boys and married to his lovely wife, Whitney. Schedule a consult today: http://standandstretch.com/consult

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