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What is your ‘Quality Score’? Three Keys to Understanding your Website’s SEO.

Lucas Shaffer - January 5, 2016 - 1 comment

In today’s marketplace, your service and product is being indexed, or monitored, by the mainstream search engines every second. And as creepy as this sounds…it’s a good thing.

Since you decided to put your business online, you have submitted your investment to be graded on many levels according to many standards. Your business may be receiving high marks and the website and social media sites are of high quality thus driving traffic and new customers through the door. Or more commonly, the exact opposite is happening and your investment is just a doorstop holding the door open for your competitors.

It does matter whom you hire to build your site.

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This process of monitoring keywords is one of the many relationships you need to to understand about your website and search engines like Google. Each keyword that defines your product or service has a score that is assigned to a page on your website. For example, if you sell ‘pressure washing’ services including the sale of tools for this service, it is imperative your website have a single page dedicated to identifying it’s importance to Google. This landing page is usually not your home page.

Having a custom built landing page optimized for search engines, better known as ‘SEO’, provides an individual score to Google that helps calculate one of the most sought after high-scores called Page Ranking. This ‘page’ dedicated to either a single or set of keyword competes in a micro-auction every time some one searches for ‘pressure washing’ in Google. Thus providing a list of results that use this correlation of phrases and keywords that are high quality and of high frequency.

In every aspect of SEO, Digital, and Paid Search advertising, ‘Quality Score’ plays a role in keeping competitive ‘cost-per-click’ rates down when buying keywords and increasing organic traffic overall.

Now that you have a short grasp of Quality Score, here are three ways to check your service or product pages for success.

  1. Check to see how well you have broken up the service and product pages into individual pages. Do you have one page with ALL your services on it? If so, your keywords are sharing space and need to be separated into new, optimized pages. This single page is overloaded and you need to pick a handful of related keywords and phrases and focus on splitting them up into new pages.
  2. Frequency. Does your main service page only mention ‘pressure washing’ once in the page? If so, your quality score is low. Once you’ve divided up the services into separate pages, like mentioned above, you can now focus on increasing the counts of each keyword or phrase on the page. Add the key terms into the Page Title. Write remarkable copy on the page that creatively uses the key phrases and similar ones without losing readability. Include pictures with file names highlighting terms with the tags filled in properly. Look for something around 10-15 counts of each keyword up to 7-109 keywords per page.
  3. Google your product and service. If you don’t show up first, look at the websites who do. Focus on the main terms and start to count. Did the link land on the home page or a uniquely built landing page? These sites have a high Quality Score and are winning the search engines wars and you need to know what it takes to win access to new customers.

Quality Score plays a huge role in SEO and Paid Search advertising. We often design campaigns and plot a course utilizing keywords and phrases to send traffic to our customer’s websites. In the end, if we begin creating drag or seeing ‘above-average’ spending we will recommend investing in redesigning or reprogramming websites to improve our outcomes.

Take a look at this YouTube on Content Strategy and decide how beneficial it can be working with an agency that understanding what every letter in your product and services mean to your advertising investment.

Do you compete well with your competitors? We can check with our site and keyword audit. Contact us and let’s get together to take a look.



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