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The Art of Social Selling

Diverse group of mid adult women are smiling while shopping together during direct sales at home jewelry party. Customers are examining products and having fun during small business sales event.

So, what is social selling? Is it a fancy term for sales? Or is it a process hidden within social marketing? The answer to those questions is neither. Social selling is the concept of using your own sales technique through a different platform; a social platform.

Through the use of social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, a sales professional is able to not only engage prospects but also develop lasting relationships with current and future customers. By leveraging different social platforms, businesses can enhance their sales efforts.

Let’s talk about Sales.

Sales can be simple as little Susie selling girl scout cookies throughout the neighborhood. What are the key elements here? Because Susie is physically going door to door, a conversation has been initiated and, therefore, a possible relationship is created. Susie’s sales tactic is dependent on organic efforts.

Or in other words, the importance of her sales effort is reliant on person to person contact.

Fast forward a few years, and now we are in the digital age. Little Susie has an iPhone X and is able to communicate with her friends and local community through different applications such as social networks. And this is where social selling comes in handy.

However, do not get confused; social selling is not about closing deals over LinkedIn or signing off sales via Facebook messenger. Professionals use social selling to listen to relevant information regarding their businesses.

How do we Social “Sell”?

Social selling can be done by using social networks to communicate with customers.

For example:

And these tactics can be implemented by keeping in mind a few ground concepts. Concepts like engaging with customers, engaging with other businesses related to yours, building a social presence and targeting then monitoring factors that influence customers.

What can a Business gain from Social Selling?

Here are few reasons why social selling could be beneficial to add to your company’s marketing strategy:

By strategizing the use of social selling techniques, companies are able to maximize their efficiency and optimize their business which in return increases sales.


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