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Video Production and Editing

Bring together a campaign and bring great ideas to light.

Video Production and Editing



We understand how important video is in today’s online marketplace. We have done everything from producing videos, animations, and intros to interviews and technical editing. A good video can bring together a campaign and bring great ideas to light. See our best videos below.


We work with your company to plan out everything that your video will say to the world.

Filming and Recording

We use top-of-the-line video cameras, microphones and rigs in filming your work.


Using powerful animation tools such as Blender, Adobe After Effects, and Premier Pro, we bring characters to life.

Editing and Narration

We provide editing using state-of-the-art software, to give your video that clean, professional look.


We publish your video work for web, TV and social media.

If you don’t have any personalized business video or think it’s time to start fresh, let us build it for you.
We can start improving your business today!

Watch some of our videos below.


Each year, the HCF takes on children from around the area to participate in the creation of a small town. We were delighted to be pulled in to help tell the story through the eyes of the wonderful people who put it together.

This video was recorded on Nikon and Canon DSLRs, including some b-roll on iPads for interviews and microphones. It was unusually loud but we were able to filter the conversation so that everyone could listen to the kids tell the story.

Hit play on the video and sit back to learn about Box City and the program that helps create outreach and local leadership influence in Columbus, Georgia.

Animated Explainer Videos

Fun, entertaining and driven to catch attention; We’ve done many explainer videos on our YouTube.com channel and have had great feedback.

If you have a complicated product or service, or just want to have fun, having us put together an animated series or single explainer video can certainly bring perspective and insight to your customers. We have templates from men and women, from business professional to casual.

Take a look at the video and let us know if you’re ready to dive in.

Webinar and Training Videos

It’s simple, but effective.

If you’ve thought about Webinars and Training Videos, you’re starting to think like some of the most successful marketing minds in the business. We can help you serialize content and produce videos via web or desktop that will help you combine strong intros with remarkable content.

Are you ready to create content and have it edited by our team?

Event Marketing and Promotions

Sometimes we just edit videos and are provided with footage to edit for TV, social media and websites.

In this case, we were lucky to have a couple of GoPros attached to some high-flying machines that participated in the Thunder In The Valley Airshow. This end result was seen by thousands and provided a great marketing output, which helped produce the 30k attendees each year.

Have an event or need a promotional video? We’re the team for you.

More Storytelling

Simple And Creative

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to look professional. You just need a good idea. That’s what we help with.

Bringing us your vision and mission to grow your business helps us put together a simple outcome and you can spend less than $500 for simple videography and editing.

This video was shot to enhance the promotion for a webinar series.

Interviews with Animation

Our First Video

Sometimes you just need to get a camera and roll some footage.

This project was done with two DSLRs, three lens types, and some lighting both from natural and artificial sources. Answering a question that is commonly asked is all about how you answer.

This video allowed us to do so in a fun and creative way. How does it feel to you?

Custom Intros

Portfolio and Marketing

Our process is always evolving.

In everything from mobile usage to online shopping, the consumer is a hybrid animal for which we have become well-trained hunters. It all starts with an idea. Your business can be better and we can take you there by just imagining a napkin drawing and allowing it to grow.

We are not just a web design firm or graphic shop, we have the back-end to grow your ideas into a living, breathing ‘thing’.

Get Started Today.
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