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YouTube Launches New Marketing Feature: Director On Site

Good news to business who advertise on YouTube (or who are looking to advertise on YouTube), a new program is helping you reach more customers in a professional setting. With the introduction of Director On Site, companies can show potential shoppers what they’re all about with a high-quality commercial that airs on YouTube. Best of […] Read more


YouTube Copyright Claims Aren’t a Video Death Sentence

Note: While this blog comments of fair use policy, it should not be considered legal advice. After hours of painstaking edits, you can finally see the finish line of your big video project. Immaculate cuts and color correction create stunning visuals. You managed to find just the right balance between informational and humorous tones. All […] Read more

1 Billion Views On YouTube.com And What Gangnam Style Did With Our Time.

I just became aware that Gangnam Style by PSY has hit a major milestone for YouTube.com. It reached 1 billion views.  That’s with a “b”. But as a data maniac, I wanted to see what that meant for our personal time.  YouTube.com self-admittedly doesn’t release how they score a video ‘view’ for purposes of the […] Read more


LinkedIn – Utilizing Connections to Succeed – Sit And Learn Webinar

LinkedIn has over 187 million users and contains a solid set of professionals who may or may not want to do business with you. This Webinar is geared towards informing you about the new layout, making connections with customers/clients and keyword strategy and recruiting ideas. Students, Business Owners, Recruitment Firms, Marketing Groups and anyone seeking […] Read more

Dec, 07, 2012