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Introducing Website Demographics with The LinkedIn Insight Tag

As a data scientist and digital native, I want ALL the data I can eat. Information about who is using your website is the best tangible marker for setting up successful digital marketing strategies. It also helps provide profiles of who your customers are. So, we consume a lot of this type of data from many […] Read more


The Art of Social Selling

So, what is social selling? Is it a fancy term for sales? Or is it a process hidden within social marketing? The answer to those questions is neither. Social selling is the concept of using your own sales technique through a different platform; a social platform. Through the use of social networks such as LinkedIn, […] Read more

LinkedIn – Utilizing Connections to Succeed – Sit And Learn Webinar

LinkedIn has over 187 million users and contains a solid set of professionals who may or may not want to do business with you. This Webinar is geared towards informing you about the new layout, making connections with customers/clients and keyword strategy and recruiting ideas. Students, Business Owners, Recruitment Firms, Marketing Groups and anyone seeking […] Read more

Dec, 07, 2012



Common Mistakes With Facebook and Twitter

I like to think I have a solid grasp on the differences between Facebook and Twitter but I still make small mistakes.  A lot of small things can happen to disengage the user and deter them from interacting with you.  On Facebook, you can engage the user in a rich manner with actions, links, photos, […] Read more

3 Easy Ways To Begin Thinking Socially

You are here, reading this post and probably wondering what the big deal with social media is.  You have come to the realization that ‘something’ is going on and you can’t quite get a hold on why it matters and why you should engage.  You’ve heard all the terms like status update, tweet, Facebook, twitter, this and […] Read more