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Trending Articles on Facebook: Timeline Applications Provide Content to News Feed

In a world where we are all seeking the news and information from our social spaces we often fall victim to the platforms as they shift and pull us along.  Today, I noticed that Zuck has done something I am not sure I will accept an apology for. Facebook is now putting ‘Trending Articles’ into […] Read more

Cost Per Like: Making The Most Of Your Facebook Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

This is the first time I’ve seen ‘Cost Per Like’ outside of our reporting and analytic approaches.   We always define our success by growing Facebook communities through promotions, Ad management and content strategy by reducing the amount of expense per like.  It is great to see that Webtrends found that on average the cost of obtaining […] Read more

Facebook Ads Introduce ‘Topic Targeting’

In the beginning, there was targeting. Facebook has always been able to leverage the amount demographic information to a very good degree. Today, Facebook has published information on a new mechanism that allows a ‘broader’ targeting filter to allow Ads to roll out to overlapping interests. ‘Topic Targeting’ is the derivative of the Interest targeting […] Read more


Facebook launches new Ads Manager and Webinar Walk-Through

It may be news some most of us, but the new Ads Manager documentation has existed since May 5, 2011.  This really means they just decided to roll out the changes to most users in an email newsletter.  Mainly to those of use who had created Ads in the past or had access to Ads […] Read more