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3 Reasons Why Grammarly is “Perfect” for Content Writers

Whether you write blogs, articles or you just enjoy writing for fun, you can understand the challenge of putting content on to a blank page. While coming up with stories and articulating words can be difficult enough, what really puts the icing on the cake is double checking your grammar and spelling. As a content […] Read more

You’ve Got Mail…Chimp? Why MailChimp Takes The Cake in Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are a great way to share information directly to your customers’ inboxes — but are you using them to their full potential? It’s no secret that email campaigns have taken over the direct marketing scene. Have you seen what email campaigns are capable of lately? They look sleek, are user-friendly, and as […] Read more

Why Email Campaigns are Important for Small and Mid-Sized Business Growth

When needing to get a hold of someone, the fastest form of communication is email. It’s also the most effective. In today’s digital age, folks are on their computers and their phones almost as often as they’re awake, and reaching out to them through that same medium can mean having your message seen. That’s why […] Read more

E-Mail Marketing for the Holidays (2012) – Sit And Learn Webinar

Sit And Learn (at your own computer) with us as Lucas Shaffer dives into email marketing and our favorite time of the year. We sometimes skip the ‘database marketing’ for the more traditional ideas but we think after this webinar you will begin to think about how to get your business into your customers inbox. […] Read more

Nov, 20, 2012



Wavelength: Leveraging The MailChimp Community To Build Stronger Email Campaigns

I just read an amazing article introducing Wavelength. This email genome project has found a way to analyze millions of emails used by all the clients and produce a similar ‘wavelength’ to categorize your usage of MailChimp.  The technology is about a month away but as a multi-user of MailChimp and a advocate of their […] Read more

Jan, 19, 2012