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Test Submission

Test Submission

Please use this form to submit your work. All fields required and may take 20-30 minutes to complete.

How and why did you decide to create this way?*Did the you perform some research, did you use/create personas, were they working from an existing style guide (just how much of the work is yours).

How long did it take you to create this?*Are you fast, slow, how long will it take to get what we need done with a client?

Did you think it would take more or less time?*How accurate will was your estimate? Are you an alarmist or calm and collected with the 48 hour time limt, or…do you know what you’re doing?

How many iterations did it take?*Do you listen and understand what we wanted from you? Customer/clients are actually less detailed… Did you contact us for help? Is either way good or bad?

Did this require any research on your part? What kinds and where?*How much do you really know versus how much do you have to use Google? Are you a copy cat? Did you need to employ standards? What did you learn and what can you teach us?

Do you have any data/analytics on its use?*How much do you care about how it will be received and used? Just how invested in your work are you? Do you understand the value of analytics, usability, etc?

Test Submission (Multi-file)*Are you ready to submit? Do it!

The file max is 64MB. If your zip is larger, please break up each set.

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